Your screen is automatically visible for the other call participants. They can annotate your screen share from their device or from the Webex app. When another participant chooses to share their screen, that content opens on your device, and you also get the possibility to annotate it.


When you're in a call, share your screen on your device. Read this article to learn how to do it with an HDMI cable and this article to do it wirelessly. If your device is on personal mode, check this article to learn how to share your screen wirelessly during a call.


Tap the icon on the bottom left corner of your desk device's screen to start annotating. If it is not visible, tap the screen once. Opening the drawing function may take a couple of seconds.


Choose from different colors and remove lines using the eraser. To go back one step, tap . You can bring back what you just removed with the redo button. Tap and then . You can redo steps you have undone during the current whiteboarding session. Tap to create a sticky note.

On shared devices, you can create a copy of your annotation by tapping in the bottom left corner.


To stop annotating, tap Done . You can tap if you want to start annotating again. To stop sharing and return to the call, select Stop sharing .


On personal mode devices, you can find your annotation in the Whiteboard menu of the Webex Teams space as a .pdf. Everyone in that space can view the image and continue working on it.


On shared devices, you can save your annotation directly from your device. When the call ends, tap the Whiteboard button. Tap Save to save your annotation to a Webex Teams space or to send your annotation by email.