Calling is the popular choice for business professionals because it's a versatile way to connect with customers and colleagues. It's quicker than email, and less informal than texting. You can share information from your laptop. You can turn an audio call into a video call, and you can add additional people as needed.

You must connect a Webex Desk Camera and a secondary or external display screen to your Desk Hub to get the full supported benefits of this feature.

Headset users take note: Calls and meetings are disconnected when you place your Cisco Headset 730 in the charging dock. This is the default behaviour unless you disable it in Cisco Headsets mobile app.

For more information about calls, see Make a Call From a Cisco Webex Desk Device.

Best overview isn't supported on Desk Hub.

The following table lists the features available to you during a call.

Table 1. Webex Desk Hub in-call features



Mute and Unmute

Tap and mute your audio.

Start video and Stop video

Tap and appear on camera. Tap again an stop your camera.

Webex Desk Camera has a privacy shutter on the front of the camera. Slide the shutter to the right and open it.


Tap and share content from your laptop with the other people on the call. Your share options are as follows:

  • Wired sharing with a USB-C cable—Connect your Desk Hub to your laptop with your USB-C cable.

  • Wireless screen share—Share from the Webex App or use Guest Share and the nine-digit code displayed on the Desk Hub.


Tap to access the following settings:

  • Default—Tap to use the default microphone settings.

  • Noise removal—Tap to reduce background noise.

  • Optimized for my voice—Tap to prioritize your voice over any background noise.


Tap to add another person.

End call

Tap to disconnect from your call.


Tap to change your screen layout.


Tap to put your caller on hold. Tap Resume and return to your call.

This feature is only available for UCM calling.


Tap and check your appearance on your external monitor before you go into a call or meeting.

You can choose a virtual background if you want to have a little privacy.


Tap to see a list of everyone in your meeting.

Down arrow

Tap if you want to see your Desk Hub desktop.

This feature is only available for UCM calling.

You can put an active call on hold and then resume the call when you're ready. When you place a video call on hold, video transmission is blocked until you resume the call.

You must resume a call before you can end it.


Tap Hold when you're on an active call.


Tap Resume.

The number of missed and declined calls appears on your Call icon so you can return the call when you aren't busy.


Tap Call and bring up your Call screen.


Tap Recents and view the contact information for the person who called you.


Tap the person's name if you want to return the call.

This feature is only available for UCM calling.

If you're going to be away from your desk, then send your calls to another device. This is a convenient way to have a coworker answer your calls, or have your calls go to your cell phone.


Tap the top-left corner of the device screen.


Tap Forward all calls to.....


Select the destination from Favorites, Recents, or Directory.


Tap Forward all calls to.

This feature is only available for UCM calling.

You can access your voice messages directly from your Webex Desk Hub. But your administrator or IT person must set up your account before you can access your messages.

If you are away from your desk, then you can still check your messages by calling into your account and entering a PIN. Your administrator can give you the details.

The number of unheard messages appears on your Voicemail icon.

This article has limited voice mail information because voice mail is not part of your Desk Hub. It is a separate component with a server and firmware that are purchased by your company. One popular voice mail solution is Cisco Unity Connection. For information on setting up and using your voice mail, see the User Guide for the Cisco Unity Connection Phone Interface.


Tap Voicemail.


Enter your PIN if prompted.