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How Do I Manually Uninstall the Webex Desktop Client on a Mac?

How do I manually uninstall the Webex desktop client on a Mac?

How do I remove the Webex client on a Mac?

What are the steps to do a manual uninstall of the Webex desktop client for Mac?

Where are the install locations for the Webex client for Mac OS?

  • The information in the manual removal section is provided on an as-is basis and Webex is not responsible if the steps are not performed correctly.
  • The Library folder is hidden by default. See the following article to show the Library folder: WBX58578 - How Do I Show the Library Folder on Mac OS?
To manually remove the Webex desktop client on a Mac:
  1. Drag Webex from the Applications folder to the trash.
  2. Go to Mac HD > Users > User Account > Library > Application Support > Cisco Spark > Webex_upgrades folder, then drag Webex to the trash.
  3. Go back to Mac HD > Users > User Account > Library > Caches > Cisco-Systems.Spark folder, then Delete the folder, or right-click and select Move to Trash.
  4. Empty the Trash.
  5. If you will be reinstalling Webex, restart your Mac before performing the new installation.

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