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How Do I Use the Search Filter on the Service upgrades and Scheduled Maintenances Calendar?

How do I use the search filter on the Service upgrades and Scheduled Maintenances calendar?

How do I use the search option on status.webex.com?

What are the different types of Service Upgrades and Scheduled Maintenances on the Webex Calendar?

Locate your site’s cluster:

Data CenterCluster
San JoseAC, AW, B, E, F, IB, IE, IJ, S, U
TexasIA, J, L, M, R
VirginiaAA, AB
LondonAI, BI, I, W
ChinaIC, IK
FrankfurtAG, BG

Types of Service Upgrades and Scheduled Maintenances:
ColorType   Detail   Frequency
Upgrade   A cluster upgrade involves a new client and page deployment. The upgrade will include new features.Monthly
Informational   Informational updates will typically include end-of-life notifications, IP address additions, telephony expansions, or feature enhancements that are deployed later in the upgrade release cycle.As needed
Maintenance   Maintenance conducted on Webex services that will involve end user impact during the duration of the change window.As needed
XML APIThis type of upgrade is specific for XML API services. The upgrade will target features and functionality related to Webex APIs.Monthly
Product Update   A product update is deployed to address a defect or enhancement after a cluster upgrade.As needed
Slow ChannelThis type of release will only affect clusters/sites on the Slow Channel build.Monthly

To use the search filter on the calendar:
  1. Navigate to https://status.webex.com/maintenance.
  1. In the upper-right corner, click on the Search button.
  2. Select your query based on the Type, Data Center Location, or Cluster, and then click Search.
Note: If you know your site’s cluster, you can also type it in the Cluster field.
  1. The results will appear based on your query.
  2. To clear the existing query, click X in the Cluster or Type field, then update the query and click Search.

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