Cisco Jabber for Microsoft Teams

For Administrators—Simple Integration that's easy to Install
Install the Jabber app for your organization for a seamless call experience in Microsoft Teams. See the documentation below for more information.
For Microsoft Teams Users—Easily make calls with Microsoft Teams
Call using a dial pad or turn a chat conversation into a call using Microsoft Teams for Windows, Mac, or Web. See the steps below for more information.

Before you begin

  • Users should be able to sign in to Cisco Jabber, and they should be successfully registered to Unified Communications Manager for making calls.

  • Make sure you have Administrator rights for Microsoft Teams.

  • Make sure users' phone numbers are updated in the Azure Active Directory.


Go to Microsoft Teams Admin Center.


From the menu on the left, click Teams Apps > Manage Apps.


In the search box, search for Jabber, and in the search results, click on the app name.


Toggle on the app status to Allowed.


From the menu on the left, go to Teams apps > Permission policies.


Select the policy for your organization, and make sure Third Party apps is set to Allow all apps.


From the menu on the left, select Teams apps > Setup policies.


Select the policy for your organization.


Click Add > Add Apps, then search for Jabber and click Add. Click Add at the bottom of the screen to confirm.


Click Save.

It can take up to 24 hours for changes in Microsoft Teams to take effect.

Before you begin

Make sure your administrator or your team space owner has installed the Jabber app in Microsoft Teams. If it's installed, you'll see the Webex Call icon in the app bar.


When you're chatting with someone, click Jabber Call at the bottom of the window.


Select the number under the contact to get more calling options in the drop-down menu.


Click Call.

The app opens in a new window.


In the team space, on the app bar, click Jabber Call.


Enter the number of the person you want to call and then click Call.

The app opens in a new window.