The Caller ID for Dial-in Users in the Participants Panel Shows **** Instead of the Full Phone Number

The Caller ID for dial-in users in the Participants panel shows **** instead of the full phone number.

Asterisk (*) characters appear instead of the last four digits for the Call-In number in the Participants panel.

The Caller ID number for dial-in users in the Participants panel shows asterisk (*) characters for the last 4 digits, instead of the full phone number.

Cause: The full phone number is not shown due to security restrictions protecting the privacy of the dial-in user.

This change to hide the full phone number is to protect the privacy of meeting attendees.

The display of Caller ID Numbers for participants may be enabled or disabled by administrators, but even if enabled the full number will still NOT be shown. The last four digits of the user's phone number will appear as * characters. The full phone number display cannot be shown in the participants panel for any reason.

If the Caller ID feature is disabled, none of the caller's phone number will be shown in the participant's panel, and they will appear as a Call-In User.

For help enabling the feature in site admin, see: Enable Caller ID for People Joining Cisco Webex Meetings by Phone Only

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