What is the Maximum Number of Participants in a Webex Session or Call?

The In-meeting participant and meeting audio capacity will vary depending on which service you are using.



  • If the session type in Site Admin has a number after the session (Example: Webex Meetings 25), then the number indicates the attendee capacity. If this number is exceeded, additional participants may not be allowed to attend the meeting, or overage charges will apply.
  • When the participant audio capacity has been reached, attendees will hear the following error when joining the teleconference: 'System error 4004: The conference you are attempting to join is full.'
  • If an attendee does not use the attendee ID to join the audio conference of a Webex meeting, the attendee will be counted as two participants.
  • If a meeting scheduled as an audio-only conference is escalated to an online Webex meeting, the number of participants can join the online meeting is limited to 25. For details, see: WBX79050 - Error: Meeting you are trying to join is limited to 25 participants and no more participants can join the meeting'
Your Webex site may be configured to allow fewer attendees than the maximum capacities listed in this article. Your Webex site may or may not be configured to enable attendee overage.

Overage charges vary depending on your service model. The number of Users/Ports available will be based on your original service agreement.

The maximum number of participants in each service are as follows:

*Participant includes the host, presenters, and panelists.

In-meeting video device:

Video Device Capacity
ServiceVideo Platform 1 Video Platform 2
Webex Meetings25200
Webex Events (Classic)NA200 (Host / Presenter / Panelist only)
Webex Webinars NA200 (Host / Presenter / Panelist only)
Webex Webcast ModeNA200 (Host / Presenter / Panelist only)


  • Video device capacity counts towards the in-meeting participant cap. For example, if your Webex Meetings site is configured to allow 1,000 participants and 200 video devices to join, 800 participants can join via PC/Mobile/Teleconference.
  • In Webex versions 41.3 and earlier sites, only the first 1000 Event participants can receive participant videos. (Example: when turning on a webcam (or a video device) as a panelist, only the first 1000 participants can view it.). This applies to Cisco Webex Events, which have up to 3,000 participants. This condition does not apply to Webex Webinars (formerly Webex Events (New)) Webex versions 41.4 and older releases as the 1000 participants limit has been removed.
  • The grid view can show a maximum of 6 simultaneous endpoint video streams and 25 video streams. This limitation only applies to Video Platform 1.


Note: * Beginning with Webex version 39.6, Cisco Webex Meetings, Webex Events, and Webex Training support up to 1000 Webex Teleconference participants.


Audio TypeWebex version 39.5Webex version 39.6 and later
Webex Teleconference5001000
Personal Conference Meeting (PCN)500 audio-only participants500 audio-only participants
Hybrid Audio - VoIP1000 / 3000* Webex Events only
Hybrid Audio - Teleconference5001000
Note: FedRAMP Webex Meetings can only have 1000 PSTN telephony connections in a given meeting (including a PRO meeting, not just an Audio-Only AUO meeting).

Integrated VoIP 
ServiceWebex version 39.5 and later
Webex Meetings1000
Webex Events3000
Webex Training1000
Webex Support500

You may have 1000 participants with Webex Audio (Hybrid Audio), including VoIP and Teleconference users.

In-meeting capacity

Webex Service TypeCapacity
Webex Free Offer100
Webex Meetings1000
Webex Events (Classic)3000
Webex Webinars
100,000  (Host, 500 cohosts, and panelists). Example: host + cohost + panelists total 501.
Based on the planned capacity purchased with a maximum of 100,000 participants, host, 500 cohosts, and panelists.
Webex Webinars Webcast Mode100,000 (Host, 500 cohosts, and panelists).
Based on the planned capacity purchased with a maximum of 100,000 participants, host, 500 cohosts, and panelists.
  • Webcast mode is only available for plans that support 3000 or more users.
Webex Training
*Breakout Sessions
*Up to 100 Breakout sessions
*Up to 100 participants per Breakout

*Note: The total number of participants can be at most 1000.

You'll be able to contact your Webex Site Administrator for specific information about your company's services. For help, see the article: Contact Your Webex Site Administrator.

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