How Do I Remove the Temporary File Solution Client Manually?

How do I remove the Temporary File Solution client manually?

How do I uninstall the Temporary File Solution (TFS) meeting client?

If you need to re-hide the folders, launch a command prompt and type: attrib +s +h C:\DOCUME~1\%USERNAME%\LOCALS~1\TEMPOR~1


Manually uninstalling the Temporary File Solution (TFS) client will also make you familiar with the install locations Webex utilizes.  The TFS location will remain constant as long as the TFS client is allowed to install normally.

To manually uninstall the TFS client:

  1. Click Start > Run, type CMD and hit the enter key or press OK.
  2. At the command prompt, type the following text exactly as shown and press enter:  attrib -s -h C:\DOCUME~1\%USERNAME%\LOCALS~1\TEMPOR~1
  3. Minimize or close the Command window and navigate via Windows to: C:\Documents and Settings\<USERPROFILE>\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files
  4. Delete any/all of the following files if they are present:
    • Webexmc
    • Webexsc
    • Webexsac
    • Webexec
    • Webextc
    • Webex.ini

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