Error: 'Due to an event capacity limit, you cannot view the multimedia content the presenter is sharing'

Users of Webex Webinars may encounter limitations regarding the number of attendees who can view shared multimedia video playback and participant video. These limitations manifest as an error message for attendees who join after the capacity limit for video viewing has been reached.


For Webex Webinars

In WBS version 41.3 and earlier, the participant video is also restricted to the first 1000 attendees. This limitation is relevant when a panelist turns on a webcam or video device during an event, accommodating up to 3000 participants.
It is important to note that this limitation does not apply to Webex Events (New) starting from WBS version 41.4 and later, as the limit for 1000 participants to view video has been removed.

The issue is caused by a system-imposed limitation on the number of attendees who can view video content during a Webex Event. This limitation is designed to ensure the stability and performance of the event for all participants. The specific limits are set by the Cisco Webex Business Suite version being used and the type of Webex Webinars.

Event organizers must be aware of these limitations when planning large events and communicate these restrictions to attendees to manage expectations. For more significant events where more than 1000 participants are expected to view video content, it is recommended to use a version of Webex Webinars WBS 41.4 or later to avoid these limitations.


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