Join Meeting Link is Missing from Email Invitation for Webex Meetings

When using the Desktop App or Outlook to schedule meetings, the Join Meeting link in the invitation email can disappear or become unusable if the host edits the meeting and sends updated invites.

The updated invitation may appear similar to the following:

User-added image

Follow these steps to troubleshoot and resolve this issue:
Email Invitation:
To recover the missing Join Meeting link, edit the meeting, add a symbol (like ".") near it, and resend invites. The refreshed email will have the correct link.
  1. Edit and Resend Invites for Meetings: How Do I Edit a Scheduled Meeting? | Edit a Meeting in Microsoft Outlook Using the Webex Desktop App

Control Hub or Site Admin:
To modify the customized invitation template in Control Hub or Site Admin to address the issue of the link text being set to white (#FFFFFF) in meeting invitation emails. Change the link text color using an HTML color code, such as blue (#0000FF). After correcting the email template, prompt the meeting host to update the meeting and send the revised invitations to attendees.
  1. Modify Custom Invitation Templates via Control Hub or Site Admin Interface: Customize Email Templates | Sign in to Cisco Webex Control Hub.
The Join Meeting link might be invisible because it's set to white (#FFFFFF) in a custom invitation email.


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