Joining the Webex Webinar

Up to 500 Webex Webinars panelists can join webinars using Webex-registered or on-premises registered Board, Desk, and Room series devices. For more information about panelist options, read Join and Assist Cisco Webex Webinars as a Panelist.

Webex Webinars Panelist Support is available on WBS33.7 sites and above.

You can't join as a panelist from a device linked with Edge for Devices with Webex Optimized Experience enabled. To join from this type of device, you need to enter first through the Webex app into the event and have the app dial back to the device.

Make sure to keep the email invitation of the webinar, where you can find the numeric password to join the webinar.


Dial into the webinar from your device.


Enter the numeric password received by email followed by #.

As a panelist, you can see the name of the host and other panelists. You can’t see the name of the attendees from the video device.

Practice Session

Practice sessions allow the host and other panelists to practice an event before starting it. For more information about practice session, read Conduct a Practice Session in Cisco Webex Webinars.

Panelists can see on their devices when the host starts a practice session. The host and panelists automatically join the practice session.