In order to join a Google Meet meeting directly with OBTP, you need to enable the hybrid calendar . OBTP for Google Meet meetings is supported when using Hybrid Google or Hybrid O365 as the calendar integration – not when using on-prem Exchange. Note that OBTP for Google Meet doesn't show up on the Webex app.

Make sure that the web engine is on as well – If not, follow the steps described here to turn it on.

Schedule a resource in Google Calendar (OBTP)

To create a scheduled meeting and book a device as a resource, open the Google Calendar and add a device as a resource (rooms). See the Google documentation for more details.

Schedule a device in personal mode in Google Calendar (OBTP)

Meetings can also be scheduled for users that have personal devices. Open the Google Calendar and add the user under Add guests . The calendar service needs to be enabled on the device, whether it is Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar. See the Google documentation for more details.

If your device is linked to Webex Edge for devices, you need the CE9.14.3 software version.


From the customer view in , go to the Devices page.


Select Settings in the top right corner and navigate to Meeting providers. Toggle on Enable Google Meet .


You can add a token to enable the Google interoperability service. This allows users to join the meeting without waiting to be admitted as a guest. Generate the token on by following the Google documentation and click Submit . Note that you need a paid version of Google Workspace in order to get this token.