If you want to hide the Microsoft Teams button on the home screen, follow the instructions here.

In order to enable OBTP for Microsoft Teams meetings, the hybrid calendar needs to be on.


Make sure that the web engine is on – If not, follow the steps described here to turn it on. You need the CE9.14.3 software version for devices linked to Webex edge.

The anonymous join setting is on by default in Microsoft Teams. If it is off, you can turn it on in Microsoft Teams so that devices can join over WebRTC. For more information about how to enable this setting, go here.

WebRTC does not work with Microsoft Teams Live Events. If users receive an OBTP attendee link in a Live Events email, OBTP will not be activated on their device. To join Live Events meetings, users must use Microsoft Teams or a web browser.

For WebRTC joins, the following URLs are supported: teams.microsoft.com, gov.teams.microsoft.us, dod.teams.microsoft.us, login.microsoftonline.us, login.microsoftonline.com, and app.whiteboard.microsoft.com.

If users use safelinks or any email security protocol that changes the URL of a Microsoft Teams meeting, OBTP will also not work.


From the customer view in https://admin.webex.com, go to the Devices page.


Select Settings in the top right corner and navigate to Meeting providers. Toggle on Enable Microsoft Teams .


Joining meetings through the Microsoft Teams button with WebRTC is on by default. To disable it, go back to the devices page on https://admin.webex.com and select All configurations . Choose UserInterface > Features > Call > JoinMicrosoftTeamsDirectGuestJoin > Auto/Hidden . This feature is set to Auto by default.

Cloud Video Interop (CVI)

You need the RoomOS 11.11 software version or a newer one to enable the direct guest join capability.

  1. If you want users to be able to join meetings through the Microsoft Teams button with CVI, go to the Devices page on https://admin.webex.com and select All configurations .

  2. In order for users to enter the Video conference ID after selecting the Microsoft Teams button, you need to set up the following configuration. This option is not on by default:

    1. UserInterface > Features > Call > JoinMicrosoftTeamsCVI > Auto

      If both JoinMicrosoftTeamsDirectGuestJoin and JoinMicrosoftTeamsCVI are set to Auto , both options show within the Microsoft Teams button, but you can chose to disable both or one of the options.

    2. To provide the default hostname for CVI, set up the following configuration: UserInterface > MeetingJoin CVITenants

      The default hostname is used in combination with the video conference ID to generate the right SIP URI.