Enable the web engine

The web engine is on by default.

Read Best practices for using the Web Engine to learn more about the supported features and limitations of the web engine.

You can enable the web engine from the local web interface of the device. Read the Device configurations article for more information on how to access it.

When the web interface of the device is opened, select Settings under the Setup tab, and choose the following configuration :

  • Configuration > WebEngine > Mode : Choose On to enable the web engine.

Control web engine certificate revocation with online responders

The following configuration provides control over how the web engine handles certificate revocation checks regarding network access:

  • Configuration > WebEngine > Certificates > RevocationChecks > NetworkAccess

When your browser connects securely to a website, it checks the validity of digital certificates. Certificate revocation checks verify if certificates are still trustworthy or have been revoked.

Choose Allow to enable the web engine to use the network during revocation checks, obtaining real-time certificate status updates from external servers like OCSP and CRL responders.

Choose Deny to prevent the web engine from using the network during checks, relying solely on local data like stapled OCSP responses and built-in CRL lists.