With a personalized 6-digit PIN on your personal Desk device, you can keep your private information safe. Sensitive data like calendars, call records, and whiteboards remain inaccessible when your device is locked, while meeting notifications are delivered without subjects. Important notifications continue to reach you without revealing details, and emergency calling remains functional.

In locked state, the device paired to Webex can't make calls or use the Proximity application. Airplay and Miracast are also blocked. However, emergency number dialing is allowed from the paired device, though without the Add and Transfer call control functions.

Setting up the PIN and locking the device

You can choose your PIN when setting up a new device. Alternatively, if the device is already set up, access the PIN options in the top left status menu to create your PIN.

This process will ask you to verify your credentials on the user portal ( settings.webex.com ). When you're on settings.webex.com , navigate to My devices and select the 3 dots next to your device's name. Click Set/Reset Lock PIN . You can now enter the generated PIN on your device. Right after, you will be prompted to choose your own PIN.

If you forget your PIN, you can reset your PIN by following the instructions above.

To lock the device, go to the top left status menu, and select Lock device .

For the administrators

For personal devices integrated into a Workspace, administrators have to generate a one-time PIN, which users will enter on their devices to create their PIN.

To enable this feature, use the following API: xConfiguration UserInterface ScreenLock Workspace Allowed: True . You can also set this up on Control Hub or on the local web interface of the device (see this article for more information). Once this is enabled, generate the one-time PIN by running the following API command: xCommand UserInterface ScreenLock AdminInitiateRecovery LifeSpan: <2 – 10800 mins> . Alternatively, you can run the xCommand from Control Hub (see this article ). The default is 2 minutes, but you can set up the one-time PIN to be valid for a longer time frame, such as up to 7 seven days. The user can then follow the prompt on their device to set up their PIN.

If the user forgets their PIN, yon need to run the command shown above again, and give the user their new PIN.

For compliance purposes, you can enforce the PIN at the organization level. When using the following configuration xConfiguration UserInterface ScreenLock Policy: Enforced , the user will be required to create a PIN to continue to use the device. The default configuration is optional so users can decide if they want to use a PIN on their device.