Click Audio options , click Switch audio, then choose the option that you want to use.

Depending on your meeting type, you may not see every option.

  • Use computer audio—Click Switch to connect audio using your computer. This option gives you the highest audio quality for the most robust meeting experience.
  • Call me at—Enter a phone number and click Switch to have the meeting call you. Connecting to the meeting on your phone gives you the freedom to move around while still being able to participate in the meeting discussion.
  • Call in—Click View to see a phone number and access code to connect audio on your phone. Much like Call me at, calling in lets you call into the meeting when you're ready to join.


Tap More options More options > Change audio connection.


Tap the audio option that you want to use:

  • Use Internet for Audio—Use your phone with earbuds or on speakerphone.
  • Call Me—Enter or select the number that you want the meeting to call.
  • Call In—Dial in from your phone. A list of global call-in numbers is available after you join the meeting. Make a note of the access code or meeting number and the attendee ID. You must enter these numbers to join the meeting.

    Select one of the available numbers to join the meeting and when prompted, enter the access code or meeting number and the attendee ID. If you don't have your attendee ID, press # to wait in the lobby until someone in the meeting lets you in.

  • Don't Connect Audio—You won't hear any audio in the meeting through your phone. Use this option if you're in the meeting room but want to use your phone to share content in the meeting.