Before you begin

You must have an account with admin or co-admin access to the Box Admin Console.


Use the steps in Application Settings for Your Enterprise to enable official Box apps and third-party apps.


Choose an option for the Status of the app:

  • Disabled—Users cannot access or use the app.
  • Available—Users can install and use the app at any time.
  • Added by Default—The app is automatically installed for users and available for their use.

Use the steps in Installing Recommended Apps in your Enterprise to select Share in Webex and any other apps that you want to show up for Box users in your organizations.


Toggle on Enable Box Activity Stream if you want your users to see Share to Webex events in their File Preview area in Box.

Here is an example of the configuration screen in Box with both toggles enabled and a status of Added by Default.

What to do next

After you integrate "Share in Webex" with Box, users can create a space, start a meeting, or schedule a meeting with others. They may have to choose Share in Webex as an app in Box once you've made it available from the admin console. See Collaborate with Webex from Box for more information for end users who want to use this integration.