The charging stands for the Cisco Headset 720 and Cisco Headset 730 offer a convenient charging and storage option for your headset.

You can also end active calls or switch to a different audio source when you place your headset in the charging stand. You can customize this feature in the Cisco Headsets app and in the Webex desktop app.

  • The Cisco Headset 720 charging stand is incompatible with the Cisco Headset 730. Similarly, the 730 charging stand is incompatible with the Cisco Headset 720. Check to make sure you have the correct charging stand before using.
  • The Dock event feature is only available with 730 firmware release 1-8-0-213 or later and 720 Series for Microsoft Teams firmware release 1-11-0-212 or later. The Cisco Headset 720 Series for Webex can't currently use the charging stand to end calls or switch audio sources.

Attach the cradle to the base with the Cisco logo facing out. The charging stand parts snap together permanently.

Charging stand assembly

Plug the included USB cable into the port on the back of the charging stand. Connect the other end of the cable into any powered USB port.

Charging stand power

Seat your headset on to the charging stand. The LED on the front of the stand shows solid white when the headset is seated properly.

Make sure to seat the 720 Series headset with the boom mic facing the same side as the Cisco logo.
Cisco Headset 730 and charging stand