You need the following to use Expert on Demand:

  • A RealWear HMT-1 device.

  • A computer to install software to control your RealWear HMT-1 device.

  • A mobile device to install the RealWear Companion app.

  • A Webex Expert on Demand license.

Set up the RealWear HMT

Configure your RealWear HMT for use with Webex Expert on Demand.

Power on and sign in

Sign in on your device using a QR code or your Webex credentials.

Call or meet

Use Expert on Demand to call a colleague, start a space meeting, or join an ongoing space meeting.

Send a request for help

Send a message directly to an expert or in a space.

In call controls

During a call, use a range of controls to get a better view of things. Zoom in, share your screen, analyze photos, and more.

Share content

Share content with others in a space or with a meeting host, even while you're in a call or meeting.

Menu options

The available menu options help you find useful commands or to launch the Augmentir app.

Use the voice keyboard

Use a voice keyboard to control your RealWear HMT device or use dictation mode to input information with natural language.