Basic call controls

With Webex Expert on Demand, there are some basic on-screen controls that you can use when you're in a call.

You can use the flashlight, view your Wi-Fi status, share your screen, pause, end the call and take a photo. You can also open the settings menu to change the focus, zoom, exposure and volume levels.

  • When you're in a call, say Settings to open the settings menu.

    Choose from:

  • Zoom—When you're in a call, say Zoom level 1 to zoom on the screen shared by the remote expert.

    The zoom levels go from 1 to 5.

Once zoomed in, you can then pan around the screen using your head movements.

  • Focus— say Manual Focus. The camera is in auto focus mode by default.

    Selecting Manual Focus displays 9 focus points. Say Focus Point 1-9 to focus on a particular area. Say Hide Focus Points to hide them from view.

    Say Show Controls, and then say Auto Focus, to return to auto focus mode.

  • Volume—say Volume level 1.

    The volume levels go from 1 to 5.

  • Exposure—say Exposure level 1.

    The exposure levels go from 1 to 5.

  • When you've made your selection, say Hide Controls to close the menu.

  • Flashlight—When you're in a call, say Flash On.

    Say Flash Off to turn the flashlight off.
  • Network Status—When you're in a call and see a notification for Poor Media Connection.

    This indicates that your Wi-Fi signal has dropped to two bars or fewer.

  • Pause Call—When you're in a call, say Pause call.

    The audio and video for the call is stopped, but the call remains active.

  • Take Photo—When you're in a call, say Take photo.

    The photo is taken on the RealWear HMT, and is automatically added to the Webex App space for the active call, and stored in your My Photos folder on the HMT.

  • End Call—When you're in a call, say End call to close out the call.

    The RealWear HMT leaves the space.

Share your screen

When the HMT user is in a video call with 3 or more people, they can stream their video to all experts on the call as a shared screen. This is useful when all experts need to see the HMT video, regardless of who is speaking on the call.


In the video call, say Share screen.


Say Start now, to start sharing the HMT screen.

If you don't want to see the prompt again, say Don't show again, to check the box.


Say Stop sharing, when you're finished sharing your screen.

Remote control

Remote control is available during a direct call between Expert on Demand users and Webex App desktop users. The remote Webex App user can take control once you are sharing your screen in Expert on Demand.


While on a call with an Expert on Demand user, click Request remote control .

The Expert on Demand user must share their screen before the remote user can request control.


In Expert on Demand, click Approve to allow the Webex App user to control your screen.

Expert on Demand notifies you that the remote Webex App user is controlling your device.

The remote user cannot access any other applications on your device other than Expert on Demand. They can use any of the in-call options available while in control. Remote users can click the buttons to incrementally increase the zoom, volume, and exposure levels. Focus points are also clickable.


To take back control at any time, say Regain Control.

The remote control session also ends if you stop sharing your screen.

View a photo

RealWear HMT stores photos in the My photos folder. These include photos and screenshots you've taken with the RealWear HMT.


Say Navigate home and say My files.


Say My photos and to select a photo say Select item and the corresponding photo's number.

Annotate a photo


When you're in a call, say Take photo, then say Annotate to start the annotation.


Move the annotation cursor around the screen using your head movements. Say Place to fix the cursor position.

  • To select a different cursor color, say Color, from the menu say the color name, then say Close Color to exit the menu.

  • To select a different cursor shape, say Shape, from the menu say the shape name, then say Close Shape to exit the menu.

  • You can add multiple annotations to a photo. If you are unhappy with an annotation:

    • Say Undo—undo the last annotation

    • Say Discard—discard the annotations


When you're finished annotating, say Done, then say Save photo.

Photos are stored in the My photos folder on the RealWear HMT. These include photos and screenshots you've taken with the RealWear HMT.


If you want to send the annotated photo to the expert on the call, Say Share.

You'll see a notification, when the annotated photo is successfully sent.

Take a screenshot

Before you begin

When the remote expert shares their screen to the HMT, you can take a screenshot.

When a screen is being shared, say Take screenshot.

The screen capture is saved in My photos.

Audio and video options

There are more options available to you while you're on a call, such as stopping your video or switching to audio-only mode when bandwidth is low.


When you're in a call, say More.

The More options menu appears.

more options menu

You can change some of your audio and video settings from here.

  • Say Mute to mute or unmute your audio input.
  • Say Stop video to turn off your video.
  • Say Audio only to switch the call to audio-only mode. This disables incoming and outgoing video streams, and screen sharing. Say Audio video to re-enable video mode.
  • See Expert on Demand | Share content for more information about the Files and Send files options.

To switch the view from your camera to the camera of another participant that is sharing, say Switch Video. Then say Select item and the number beside the video option.

  • My Camera switches the view to your camera.

  • Participants Camera switches the view to the camera of another participant with an active video.

  • Shared Content switches the view to the content another participant is currently sharing.

switch video menu