Digital signage allows you to show custom video and static images on your display screen in between meetings or when Webex Share is idle. You can display advertising content and promote your brand, but also show visitor and internal employee announcements or information.

Digital signage requires access to Appspace.

Webex Share enters signage mode after 2 minutes of inactivity. Images don’t appear during meetings, screen sharing, or during upcoming scheduled calendar events.

If you use static images, note the following specifications:

  • The maximum resolution is 1920x1080. If you upload an image that is bigger, Appspace resizes it.

  • The supported static image file formats are .png and .jpeg.

If you use video, note the following specifications:

  • Container Format: .mp4.

  • Video Encoding: H.264.

  • No B frames. If you use Handbrake to encode your video, select the zerolatency tune parameter.

The recommended H.264 settings for video are as follows:

  • Main Profile.

  • Level 4.2.

  • Maximum resolution of 1920x1080 and a maximum frame rate of 30 frames per second. The video will not play if you exceed these settings. Normal video playback resumes when Webex Share receives the next video.

  • Optimize for web streaming video.

Disable Low Bandwidth Mode if you stream video.


Your screen display settings affect your Digital Signage images. If your static images appear distorted or of a poor quality, then change your TV's display settings. For example, some display manufactures let you lower your Sharpness setting or change Picture Mode to Computer or the equivalent. For additional information, see the documentation that came with your TV.

After you configure Digital Signage, the following Standby settings change:

  • Standby > Control resets to On.

  • Standby > Delay resets to 120 minutes and Sleep mode. This is the delay before the device enters Sleep mode.

HTML5 is not supported.

For more information, see the Appspace documentation for Digital Signage at

Before you begin

You need an Appspace administrator account and an HTTP secure URL for your Appspace channel. If your Appspace server uses a self-signed certificate, then you share the certificate with Webex Share. If you have a local Appspace server and a certificate with a Trusted Certificate Authority signature, then you don't share your certificate.


From the customer view in, go to Devices.


Select your device from the inventory and open Advanced Configurations.


Select DigitalSignageServer.


Enter your AppSpace URL in the field.


Click Apply.