Edit site privileges for users


Site administrators can only set a user's privileges if the user has Webex Enterprise Edition.


Sign in to Control Hub, go to Users, and select the user whose privileges you want to change.


Under Services, select Meeting.


Under Webex Meeting Sites, select the Webex site to update privileges.


Select User Privileges and choose to:

  • View and adjust the user's basic privileges, such as telephony privileges for hosting a meeting, privileges for personal room, high-quality video, and high-definition video.

  • Select Advanced Settings to configure the user's more detailed privileges and settings. Click Update after making changes in the advanced settings page.


Click Save.

Edit display names for users

By default, the Display Name field is empty. You can leave it this way so that users' first and last names appear in meetings and reports, or you can overwrite their official names by entering their preferred names in this field.


The “ and ” characters won’t be shown as part of the participant’s name if those characters are included in the Display name field.

To update Display Names in bulk, modify user attributes with CSV file imports. To manually update an individual user's Display Name in Control Hub, follow these instructions.


Sign in to Control Hub, go to Management > Users, and select the user whose display name you want to change.


Click by the user's name to open the user details.


Add a Display Name and click Save.

Advanced user settings options



Telephony Privilege

Select the types of teleconference options you want the user to be able to select when scheduling sessions, including call-in and call-back teleconferencing, and Integrated VoIP.

Personal Room (Webex Meetings Only)

Enable Personal Room, when available on the site.

High-quality Video

Enable video settings. High-quality video must be enabled in order to turn on high-definition video.

Personal Room URL

Create a custom URL for the user's Personal Room by entering it in the text box.

Create Recording Transcripts for all of this User's MP4 Recordings

Enable recording transcripts for all this user's MP4 recordings.

Enable Facebook Live Integration

Allow this user to stream meetings with Facebook Live.

Additional Recording Storage

Enter in the amount of extra recording space to be allocated for a user.

Webex Events

If Webex Events is enabled for this user, select Optimize bandwith usage for attendees within the same network to maximize network performance.

Webex Training

If Webex Training and the Hands-on Lab options are enabled for the site, select Hands-On Lab Admin (effective only when Hands-On Lab is enabled) to make this user a lab administrator.

Recording and Content Management

Enable to assign recordings, programs, and categories to this user, reassign them to a different user, or delete them.

Webex Support

If enabled, Webex Support is enabled for this user. Indicate:

  • If Webex Support sessions are be recorded by selecting Enforce recording automatically when meeting starts. Choose from Network-based recording (NBR) or Save recording at local computer and specify a location.

  • If the default client for this user is from the Multi Session client or Single Session client. On the single session client, indicate if the user is using the New Console or Old Console in the drop-down list.

WebACD Preferences

If enabled, WebACD is enabled for a user. A site administrator can indicate:

  • If the user is an agent, manager, or both.

  • The maximum number of simultaneous sessions the agent can participate in.

  • If the agent can accept Webex Support inbound requests, and specifically from which or from all queues.

  • If the manager can monitor specific or all Webex Support queues and Webex Support agents.

Contact Information

Specify the user's phone information, and enable Call-back teleconferencing.

Video Systems

List the user's Video system name and Video address. The site administrator can also indicate if the user's default video system.