Gesture Recognition is not available in meetings started from a Webex space. Reactions are visible on the Webex apps and on devices that support this feature. You can also see if someone has reacted on the Webex apps.

Gesture Recognition is off by default. You can turn it on during a meeting by tapping the React button in the call control and toggle on Recognize gestures .


In a meeting, raise your hand, clap, or give a thumbs up or down in front of your Desk device. A confirmation timer appears on screen. Hold your reaction until the timer is complete. If you stop your gesture before the timer is complete, no action is triggered.

The meeting's participants see a hand clap, thumbs up or down on screen and the name of the person who reacted.

The meeting's participants see an on-screen notification that someone has raised their hand. The notification with a full name shows up for the first raised hand.

The Raise Hand icon shows how many have raised their hands.


To lower your hand, tap the React button again and select Lower your hand .