As of May 5, 2020, new organizations in countries that map to the North American region have the following limitations:

  • When the organization claims users , the users are brought into the organization right away. The delayed claim option is not available.

  • The organization cannot be merged with organizations created prior to May 5, 2020.

When provisioning a subscription or trial in Cisco Webex Control Hub, the Country Selector determines which region stores a new customer organization's data (organization identity, users' personal identities, user-generated content, and encryption keys.) Use these steps to check the region (Europe or North America) to which a particular country maps.

This change does not impact customers with an existing organization, new organizations created through the online offers on, or new organizations that are mapped to the European region.

This change includes organizations created through Cisco Webex direct and partner-led channels. We plan to mitigate these limitations.

For more information on regions, see Data Residency in Webex .