Just enter a link when typing your message. When you send it, people will see the preview.

Sometimes, other people don't see a preview when you share a link. Your administrator can turn off this feature for your organization. Or, this could be because we use the following security checks on the links that are shared:

  • We only show link previews when the link includes https:// or http:// .

  • We only allow the people in your organization to see previews of links you send, people outside your organization won't see the link previews.

  • We only show link previews in spaces with 2000 people or less.

  • We use Google Safe Browsing to check the link before showing the preview.

  • We check if the site has a title and if the description is longer than 10 words.

We also limit previews to help reduce noise in your spaces. If you post multiple links in the same message, the preview only displays for the first link that has the details available.


On your mobile device, you can also eliminate link previews altogether .