Hybrid Services are included in your organization’s subscription. They let you tie your existing environment into the Webex. These services are a great way to extend functionality both for your users and for your organization in general.

If you used Cisco directory connector to synchronize your users into Webex, you’ve already experienced the value of Hybrid Services.

Continue with Hybrid Services that provide new features for your users. If you have an existing supported calendar environment, you can integrate it with Webex so that users can schedule meetings from anywhere—no plugins are required. If you have a Cisco call control environment, you can also integrate it with Webex so that users can share their screens on a regular call or return missed calls from the Webex app.

Before setting up Hybrid Services, there are several prerequisites to complete first. To see a list of those prerequisites, from the customer view in https://admin.webex.com, go to Settings > Services and select View Prerequisites under any Hybrid option. The Deployment Guides can also guide you through every step.

You can also add functions to your organization—store the Webex encryption keys in your data center with Hybrid Data Security and keep Webex and Cisco Webex meeting media on-premises with Hybrid Media Service.