By transferring the host role from yourself, you can leave a meeting you are hosting and let the other participants continue without you. Transferring the host role applies to Webex Meetings and Personal Room Meetings on Desk and Room Series devices, where there is only one host at any time. Change role privileges are not available in meetings on Boards.


During a meeting, tap the Participants button in the call controls on your device or touch controller. Tap on a participant.


Tap Change Role .


The options you see depend on if you are the host or a co-host, and on the selected participant's current role:

  • As host, you can change the selected participant's role to host, co-host, or presenter. If the selected participant is already a co-host, you can select Remove Co-host to revoke that role. If you make another participant the host, you'll no longer see the Change Role menu item.

  • As a co-host, you can change the selected participant's role to presenter.

  • Once assigned the presenter role, that participant can transfer the role to another person in the list.


Tap on a role. The participant will be notified that their role has been changed.


Transferring the presenter role is not supported for participants joining the call from their Webex Meetings client.

As host, tapping End Call will end the meeting for everyone. To leave the meeting and let it continue without you, you can:

  • transfer the host role manually, as described above, or

  • tap End Call . Then tap Assign host automatically and leave . A new host is automatically designated, and the meeting ends for you only.


If you are hosting a meeting on a Board and need to leave, tap End Call and then let Webex assign a new host automatically.