Showing self-view options in meetings settings.

Your self view is your own view of your video during a meeting. It lets you see the same view of yourself that others see.

These options control only your view of your self view, not what others see.


Change your self-view location during a meeting or anytime, and the change applies to all your future meetings in Webex App:

  • During a meeting, click Video options > Self-view location.

    You can also access Self-view location by clicking More options in your self view.

  • When you're not in a meeting, go to your profile picture and click Settings > Video.

Scroll down to Self view in meetings and choose your option:

  • Show with others—If you want to feel included with the other participants in the meeting, show your self view with the videos of other participants. This is the default choice.
  • Show in floating window—To make more room on your screen to see other people or the shared content, show your self view in a floating window.

    If you choose this option and your self view covers the shared content, drag it to another corner of the meeting window.
  • Hide—If you prefer not to look at yourself, hide your self view.

    Other participants can still see you. If you don't want others to see you, turn off your video.


Check Show only when my video is on if you want your self view to show only when you turn on your video and you select Show with others or Show in a floating window. By default, this check box isn't selected.

If you don't select this option and you turn off your video, your self view shows your profile picture or your display name.


Click Save.