The Webex Instant Connect main application screen.

In an Instant Connect session, participants with cameras that are FECC-enabled are denoted with the following icon: Remote camera available icon.

Once you’ve started an FECC session, the remote camera controller functions just like any other physical remote camera control.

Remote camera control panel.

TIP: Hovering over any control will display a tool tip.

The following controls are available:

  1. Move up
  2. Zoom in
  3. Reset
  4. Move left
  5. Move right
  6. Move down
  7. Zoom out
  8. Stop controlling the camera
  9. Pop out the control panel into a separate window (or return it to its docked location)

FECC configuration notes

Before using FECC keep the following points in mind:

  1. Once FECC is activated, the host controlling the camera can’t change the video layout until the FECC session is stopped. FECC session use the Equal meeting layout.
  1. Far End Control Mode should be set to On for the device (On is the default).
  2. If the device is running a version of RoomOS earlier than, see the instructions for disabling Speaker Track Mode below.

We are continually adding support for new devices.

Cisco devices

Device TypeCamera Models
Cisco TelePresence SX10 Integrated
Cisco TelePresence SX20 PrecisionHD 1080p 2.5X
Cisco TelePresence MX800 SpeakerTrack Integrated
Cisco Webex Board 55S Integrated
Room Kit Integrated
Room Kit Mini Integrated
Room Bar Integrated
Desk Integrated
Desk Mini Integrated
Desk Pro Integrated
Board 55 Integrated
Board Pro PTZ-4K
Cisco TelePresence SX80 P60, Quad Camera, SpeakerTrack 60, and PTZ-12
Codec Plus P60, Quad Camera, SpeakerTrack 60, PTZ-12, and PTZ-4K
Codec Pro P60, Quad Camera, SpeakerTrack 60, PTZ-12, and PTZ-4K
Codec EQ Quad Camera, PTZ-4K
Codec C40/C60/C90 SpeakerTrack 60

Other devices

ManufacturerCamera Models
Sony Brcx400, Brcx401, Srgx400, Srgx402, Srgx120, Srg201m2, Srghdmi2, Brcx1000
Panasonic AwUe150, AwUe100, and Aver Ptz330w

For RoomOS versions earlier than, you’ll need to disable Speaker Track Mode. While Speaker Track Mode can be turned off directly on a device during a meeting by a participant, we recommend disabling it permanently in Control Hub.

To disable Speaker Track Mode:


Login to Control Hub with your administrator account and select Devices in the left-hand nav.


Select an FECC-enabled device (see the list of FECC supported devices).


Select All configurations.


Search for Speaker Track Mode.


Change the Configuration Value from Auto/On to Off, and then select Save.


Repeat these steps for all devices you want to use for FECC.