End of Support for Mac Productivity Tools

The final release for Productivity Tools for Mac will be 41.5 as Microsoft plans to block injection-based plugins on Mac Outlook beginning in mid-May. Mac based Outlook customers who wish to use Webex should move to the Cisco Webex Scheduler.

Webex Productivity Tools is a separate package from the Webex Meetings desktop app from 39.10. Productivity Tools no longer supports integrations with IBM Lotus Notes, IBM Sametime, Microsoft Lync, Internet Explorer, and Skype for Business from 41.2.

Webex Integration to Outlook for Mac

Webex integration to Microsoft Outlook is part of Cisco Webex Productivity Tools. Webex integration to Outlook for Mac gives you an easy way to schedule or start Webex meetings using Outlook.

Your site administrator may have installed Webex Productivity Tools for you. If not, you can download it from your Webex site. See Install and Set Up Webex Productivity Tools for the Mac.

Meeting invitees don't need to use Outlook to join the meeting, and only need a Webex account if the meeting is restricted to Webex users on your site.

Webex Integration to Outlook for Mac Options

After Webex Productivity Tools is installed, the Cisco Webex menu appears in the Microsoft Outlook window. The following commands are available from the Cisco Webex menu in Outlook:

  • Meet Now: Starts an instant meeting in your Personal Room that you can start at any time, without having to schedule the meeting in advance. You can edit instant meeting options on the “Meet Now” Settings tab in My Webex > Preferences on your Webex site.

  • Schedule Webex Meeting: Select this to schedule a Webex meeting.

  • Schedule Personal Room Meeting: Select this to schedule a meeting in your Personal Room.

  • Schedule Personal Conference Meeting: Select this to schedule a Personal Conference meeting.

  • More: There are a few options under the More menu,

    • About: Lets you view the version number and license and patent information about Webex Integration to Outlook.

    • Help: Opens Webex Help Center where you can find or search for information on the Webex Integration to Outlook for the Mac.

    • Send Problem Reports: Prepares an email message for you to send to support to report a problem.

    • Preferences: Opens the Preferences dialog box for Cisco Webexsupport.

    • Check for Updates: The system checks to see if a new update is available.