If the far-end device has activated camera tracking where the camera follows the active speaker or is using Best overview, you can't control the camera remotely.

You don’t have remote access to any camera presets.

  • Webex Boards need a touch controller, either Touch 10 or Room Navigator, to have access to far-end camera control.

  • For Webex Edge for Devices linked devices, far-end camera control is available in Webex meetings when Webex Optimized Experience is enabled.

  • You can't control the camera of a DX70 or DX80.

  • You can't control the camera of a device that's registered in personal mode.


In a call, select the Participants icon in the upper right corner, to invoke the list of participants.


Select the one whose camera you want to control and select Control view .


Adjust the remote camera's tilt, pan, and zoom with the camera control buttons. Tap anywhere outside the buttons when you’re done.