Applies to: Starter, Plus, and Business Plans

Before you begin

When you change your Webex site URL, meeting addresses and Webex site user attributes are updated with the new site URL. The old site will no longer be usable. Make note of any meetings you have scheduled, as you need to reschedule them with the new site after you complete the steps below.

We recommend that you change your Webex site URL after your business hours or during a maintenance window, as it may take up to 24 hours to see the change. During this time, you may not be able to host meetings using your account, and users may not be able to join meetings you have scheduled.


Sign in to Webex.


Click the down arrow beside your name on the right, then click Site Administration.


In the left navigation pane under Services, click Meeting.


Select the site to modify and click next to your site in the upper right portion of the window, then click Next to confirm you want to change it.


Enter the new name for your Webex site, type it again to confirm, then click Next.


Decide whether you want to redirect the old Webex site to the renamed Webex site for 90 days:

  • If you want to allow users to continue to join meetings you scheduled using your old site for the next 90 days, select the Redirect old site to new site for 90 days check box.

    • After 90 days, users can no longer join meetings scheduled with your old site. You will need to reschedule these meetings using your new site.

  • If you don't select Redirect old site to new site for 90 days, you can't start or join meetings that were created before the site URL was changed. It is recommended that before you change your Webex site URL, cancel future meetings you had scheduled with your old site. Once you have completed the steps in this topic to change your site URL, reschedule your meetings with your new site.

  • For more information about redirecting, see Redirect an Old Webex Site to the Renamed Webex Site.


Click Next.


Your new and old site URLs are shown. Click Rename Site. This cannot be undone.

Once you rename your site, both your Webex Meetings site and your Personal Room will have new URLs. For more information on how to schedule meetings using your new URL, see Schedule Meetings.