Start a Scheduled Cisco Webex Meeting from Outlook


Find the meeting on your Microsoft Outlook calendar and open it.


Select Join Webex Meeting.

If you need the host key or host access code, click the link at the bottom of the meeting invite window, and then select More Information.

Start a Personal Conference Meeting from Outlook


In your Microsoft Outlook calendar, open the meeting item and dial the number provided to start the meeting.


Follow the voice prompts and enter your host access code and, if prompted, your PIN.

Start an Instant or Personal Room Meeting

From the Microsoft Outlook toolbar, select Meet Now.

By default, instant meetings are held in your Personal Room. You can also choose to have Meet Now default to a Webex Training or Webex Support session Sign in to your Webex site, and select Webex Training or Webex Support from the bottom left. Then select Preferences > "Meet Now Settings and uncheck Use Personal Room for all my instant meetings.


Choosing the Webex Training or Webex Support meeting type will disable the Personal Room functionality for Meet Now.