When you claim a user account, you can choose to immediately claim the user into your organization. Users that are immediately claimed into your organization are moved right away. The user receives an email with a link to a sign-in page where they have the following options on how they would like to proceed with their old account:

  • Change the email address associated with the old account.

  • Delete the old account and contents.

If you delay the user claim, the user has 14 days to decide what to do with the old account. If the user signed up for a Webex Teams account, then they can migrate their Webex Teams conversations from their old account to their new count. If they don’t make a decision in 14 days, then the user is moved automatically. Webex Teams conversations are also moved automatically if no decision is made in 14 days.

When you delay a user claim, the user is sent an email with a link to a sign-in page with the following options:

  • Change the email address associated with the old account.

  • Transfer Webex Teams conversations from the old account to the new account.

  • Delete the old account and contents.

If you want to claim individual users and you know the user’s email address that you want to claim, then follow the Add Users Manually in Cisco Webex Control Hub process and users will be claimed when they're added. You can also export a CSV of all the users, and then upload a CSV with only the users that you want to claim.

If you want to claim more than 250 users, you must use a CSV file to continue with the claiming process.

You can’t claim a user if they are part of an existing organization that has SSO or directory synchronization enabled.

The Delete the old account and contents option is not available for users who signed up for paid Webex Services accounts.

Before you begin

  • You must verify or claim the email domain before you can claim users from that domain.

  • Before you claim accounts, disable the Cisco Directory Connector if you use it in your organization.

  • Allow users to bring their Webex Teams conversation with them must be enabled if you want to allow users to migrate their Webex Teams conversations.

  • When you import a CSV, all the users that can be claimed into your organization are claimed into your organization immediately. Make sure you export and review a CSV of all the users outside your organization before you import a new one.

If you don’t have any verified domains, you won’t be able to claim users outside your organization. You won’t be able to claim users that share the same domain as the one used by your organization until the domain is verified.


From the customer view in https://admin.webex.com, go to Users, click Manage Users, and select Claim Users.


Select the users you want to claim and click Next.


Follow the wizard to assign licenses. If you use an automatic license assignment template, licenses are assigned automatically for new users.


Click Save.

What to do next

If you disabled Cisco Directory Connector, you must do a dry run before reenabling synchronization. We recommend that you use the complete list of users provided in the CSV file and add them to your directory before the next full synchronization. Cisco Directory Connector is case-sensitive and deactivates claimed users with mismatching email addresses.

If users don't have accounts in your directory, these users are marked as Inactive in Control Hub on the next full synchronization. Inactive users can't sign in and get deleted after 30 days. If users are marked as Inactive, you must create accounts for them in your directory and perform a synchronization. The users can then sign in to Webex Teams to avoid having their accounts deleted.

If you didn't verify a domain, claimed user accounts aren't activated automatically. For example, if you turned on the auto-assign license template and then turned on Cisco Directory Connector without domain verification, claimed users are inactive in Cisco Webex Control Hub until they confirm their email addresses.

At any time after selecting users to claim, you can return to view the users listed as Delayed Claim. You can send these users a reminder email.