July 19, 2021


We resolved these issues:
Calling User Portal
  • The schedule set number was not allowing a maximum of 12 numbers.

  • When a user was cross-launching from https://settings.webex.com to the Calling User Portal, they were redirected to the Calling User Portal login page, which was creating confusion with password resets.

  • The My Contacts tab in the Calling User Portal was not fetching all contact lists.

Calling Admin Portal
  • When sorting by date, the call analytics data was not sorting properly.

June 14, 2021


We resolved these issues:
Calling User Portal
  • The error message displayed for remote office was unclear.

  • Field validations would fail if special characters like },) were typed at the end.

  • The Voicemail PIN was visible when /usertimezone returned 500.

  • E.164 international phone number formatting and validation wasn't enforced for Office Anywhere, Remote Office, Selective Call Forwarding, and Priority Alert features.

Calling Admin Portal
  • The Analytics report page was having multiple issues with dates and DST values.

May 14, 2021


We resolved these issues:
Calling User Portal
  • Voicemail notification settings were not saving when Send All Calls to Voicemail was toggled on.

  • When creating a custom schedule in the Calling User Portal, the schedule name didn't allow spaces.

April 16, 2021


We resolved these issues:
Calling Admin Portal
  • Issue with call history performance query optimization for large records.

Control Hub
  • Full numbers management was not available in Control Hub.

March 24, 2021


We resolved these issues:
Calling Admin Portal
  • Could not change the time zone for services like auto attendant, hunt group, and call queues.

  • Analytics summary graph was not filtering out calls with a call type greater than or equal to 99.

  • Devices were still appearing in the Calling Admin Portal.

  • Quote symbol caused a display issue on the Assign Lines option for devices.

Calling User Portal
  • Certain users were unable to log in directly to the Calling User Portal.

February 24, 2021


We resolved these issues:
Calling Admin Portal
  • Auto attendant reports were returning a null value for description and key.

  • Caller ID names with a . were displaying incorrectly.

Calling User Portal
  • Misleading tag appeared in Schedule Edit Dialog.

February 10, 2021


We resolved these issues:
Calling Admin Portal
  • Read-only admins did not have access to auto attendant and call queue reports.

  • Incorrect error message was displayed when a hunt group service name had a + sign.

January 29, 2021

Version 22.9.1

We resolved these issues:
Calling Admin Portal
  • Performance issues for creating a user were causing timeouts.

  • In the analytics export report, the records after 1000, displayed a different date format.

  • Import directory for languages outside of English were failing.

  • The Allow Agents to Join the Call Queue option did not function properly and was removed.

  • Call queue names were not saving because of a failed ID validation.

  • Call forward selective settings were not working properly.

  • The send-to-voicemail option was missing for internal numbers in the Hunt Group > Call Routing settings.

  • Admins were unable to add a new location and received the ATLAS error message.

  • The phone number library needed improvements to generate more accurate validation of number entered in the portal.

  • When the limit for a hoteling host was set to less than 12 hours, the hoteling guest setup would fail.

Calling User Portal
  • Tool tip needed for the Office Anywhere Do Not Forward setting.

December 1, 2020

Version 22.8.13

We resolved these issues:
Calling Admin Portal
  • In Users window, devices weren't separated by Mac address and devices making sorting and filtering challenging.

  • Security with IDBroker Access Control list has been enhanced.

  • Formula injection issue with characters entered into fields that are exportable as CSV files. The following characters are now prohibited from those fields: +, -, =, @.

Control Hub
  • Feature changes are now saved when the customer organization's name is more than 30 characters in length.

Calling User Portal
  • There was an issue with speed dials in the My Phone Next Portal directory.

  • The Valid Ext Number check was removed and the Extension error message was corrected.

  • Mobile number search has been added to Enterprise Directory Search.

  • Security with IDBroker Access Control list has been enhanced.

October 21, 2020

Version 22.8.12

We resolved these issues:
Calling Admin Portal
  • Discarded changes in the User Information page were saved when you saved data in the User Assignments page.

  • Reset voicemail option shown for Place assigned user in Numbers/Users page.

  • Randomly ported devices were removed from the drop-down list of available devices.

  • Customer countries weren't being validated properly. Countries should be in the list of active countries at the service provider level.

  • Exporting from the Numbers page didn't display the Name column for Site Services (for example, Voice Portal, Auto Attendant).

  • Users with Sales Admin + Read Only role weren't able to create a customer.

  • DMS custom tags weren't always updated successfully.

  • Call History performance issue for large records.

  • Customer country validation issue: country wasn't in the list of active countries at the service provider level.

Control Hub
  • Devices in the middle of being activated weren't getting deleted if the shared assigned user was removed from Control Hub.

  • Firefox scroll refresh to load directory wasn't working.

  • MPN not allowing customer to enter phone number with plus symbol in Call Forwarding

  • DMS custom tags weren't always updated successfully.

  • Upgrading a workspace from Basic to Enterprise license didn't create or assign any soft client to user if there is no free soft client available.

  • Personal Fax wasn't unassigned after the user was deleted from Control Hub.

Calling User Portal
  • Users weren't able to enter a phone number with a plus symbol when trying to set up Call Forwarding.

  • Admins weren't able to reset voicemail PINs for users.

September 18th, 2020

Version 22.8.11

We resolved these issues:
Calling Admin Portal
  • When trying to delete the last Schedule you created, it couldn't be deleted or toggled off.

  • When searching and selecting multiple internal numbers on the Analytics page, it was displaying incorrect information in the drop-down list.

  • External numbers couldn't be added to the Call Forward feature.

  • When first signing in, incorrect download links for the app were displayed.

  • Incorrect information was displayed on the Numbers page menu.

  • When creating a user or workspace for Webex Calling, the performance wasn't optimal.

  • You weren't able to unassign phone numbers from Hunt Groups.

  • When exporting Location information to a .csv file in Japanese, there was incorrect alignment of column headings.

  • A failure occurred when a NULL value for the VAR type was provided in the site_profile_config column when creating a Webex Reseller or Value Added Reseller.

  • E911 notifications weren't optimal.

August 21, 2020

Version 22.8.10

We resolved these issues:

Calling Admin Portal

  • When adding a duplicate Custom Presentation Number, the error message wasn't clear and intuitive.

  • When saving changes to Call Pickup, the error message shown wasn't correct.

  • Choosing languages other than English wasn't possible in Paging Groups.

  • The Whisper feature in Queue Settings didn't include other languages.

  • Changing the phone number in Voice Portal didn't update the Caller ID.

  • It wasn't possible to delete the Office Anywhere number.

  • Historical data wasn't shown in Call Queue reports.

  • Administrators with Sales and User Device privileges in Control Hub weren't able to create new customers.

  • When setting up the Auto Attendant feature, there were issues with adding valid numbers.

  • Users weren't able to see the Reset PIN button for Voicemail when launched from the Calling Admin Portal.

  • Users weren't able to see some of the sections on the Profile tab on the Settings page.

  • There were issues with user creation when users had extension numbers similar to emergency numbers, for example 999 or 112.

July 24, 2020

Version 22.8.9

We resolved these issues:

Calling Admin Portal

  • When provisioning in the First Time Setup Wizard failed, customer flow was deleted.

  • There were issues retrieving Auto Attendant statistics.

  • Emergency location wasn't displayed in the Calling User Portal account settings.

  • As a Flex customer, when you went to edit a user's shared device, the Device drop-down search didn't work.

  • You weren't able to remove a device with a status of Activating from the Devices page.

  • You'd run into issues when trying to export your Call History from the Analytics page.

  • You weren't able to filter for specific phone numbers in the Analytics page.

  • User Interface elements weren't aligned correctly when you zoomed in or out in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

  • Internal numbers weren't included in a drop-down list in the Calling Forward options.

  • Auto Attendant reports didn't match counters with Auto Attendant options when you used Alternate Numbers.

  • You couldn't create a user with an email domain containing a single-letter subdomain.

  • Partners couldn't see all customer administrator permissions.

  • Full Administrators couldn't view other customers' call analytics.

  • You couldn't make any branding enhancements for images.

  • The following features have been removed from the Calling Admin Portal now that they're in Cisco Webex Control Hub:

    • User Features—Push-to-Talk, Calling Permissions (User, Places, Locations), Caller ID

    • Location Features—Call Park, Call Pickup, Calling Permissions, Music On Hold

June 22, 2020

Version 22.8.8

We resolved these issues:

Control Hub

  • When you were cross-launched from the Locations page in Control Hub to the Calling Admin Portal dashboard, specifically the Services tiles, the spinner would load intermittently.

  • Webex Calling user creation failed if you used symbols when entering a First Name and Last Name.

Calling Admin Portal

  • Call Queue reports were timing out because the service was taking longer than the 20 second timeout limit.

  • Exports were not properly encoded with UTF-8 format.

  • Display differences existed on the Analytics page for the Japanese language.

  • Site services were being incorrectly deactivated.

  • The Voice Portal password reset email template required some updates for the Japanese language.

  • In locations with a large number of agents, agents weren't visible in the Call Queue.

  • Auto Attendants generated inaccurate reports when alternate numbers were configured.

  • You'd encounter issues with the Auto Attendant menu when trying to select an action for Business and After Hours.

  • You couldn't set Fax compression options.

  • All customer telephone numbers were listed in the Analytics report when you selected more than 20 numbers.

Calling User Portal

  • MyApps and its application download link were missing from the portal.

  • Receptionist URL had to be updated in Japan environment.

May 22, 2020

Version 22.8.7

We resolved these issues:

Calling Admin Portal

  • The cross-launch from Control Hub to the Calling Admin Portal is no longer delayed.

  • Users outside your location can now be monitored by the Receptionist Client.

  • We now have a feature removal notification in the portal for additional features being moved to Control Hub.

  • Date is now consistent when exporting from Scheduler.

  • Sitelist API is now returning the total number of records for FLEX/VARs customers.

  • E911 address is now showing up for Webex Calling TN-based users.

  • Auto Attendant menu no longer shows incorrect names for some entries.

  • Auto Attendant reports are no longer empty.

  • Company logo URL correctly uses https instead of http.

  • Call Queue Comfort custom message is now preserved when disabled.

  • You no longer receive an error when selecting "Aucun" (None) as the Holiday Schedule for a selective call forward.

Calling User Portal
  • Voicemail records now show the remote number for a call originating outside your location or local gateway.

  • Issue with MyApps and its application download link has been resolved.

April 23, 2020

Version 22.8.6

We resolved these issues:

Calling Admin Portal

  • You can now assign users from different locations to the same Hunt Group.

Control Hub

  • Clicking on Disconnect twice in a short period of time no longer results in the following:

    • Two separate disconnect requests

    • Licenses still in use being removed

March 27, 2020

Version 22.8.5

We resolved these issues:

Calling Admin Portal

  • Corrected issues when exporting CSV files from Numbers and Users pages.

  • Improved the connection between Webex Control Hub and the Calling Admin Portal so that when you go to configure device settings in Control Hub, you're brought to the Calling Admin Portal without issue.

  • Updated links to privacy statements.

  • Admnistrators with a French language profile can now add numbers starting with 011, 015, 017, and 018.

  • We've added restrictions around how many times you can click Search for Numbers, Devices, and Users. Now you have to wait for a search to complete before being able to trigger a new search.

  • Date format has been fixed for French (Canada) and Portuguese languages.

  • Fixed issue where U.S. emergency numbers couldn't be used as extensions for specific non-U.S. locations.

  • Fixed issue causing incoming calls to go directly to voicemail when Executive Assistant feature was enabled.

  • Fixed time display and entry (12h vs 24h format) for Portuguese and French (Canada) locales in Auto Attendant schedules.

  • Administrators who are OPS USERS but are not part of the WSP_ADMIN security group now have access to the Advanced Services menu.

Calling User Portal

Removed duplicate hint text for Simultaneous Ring Feature settings.

For a list of issues that we're aware of and are currently working on, go here.

February 24, 2020

Version 22.8.4

We resolved these issues:

Calling Admin Portal

  • Corrected issues when exporting the Schedules > Events table to a CSV file.

  • You now have the option to activate an alternate source for Call Queue music on hold.

  • Improved translation in general.

  • The Advance after a set number of rings setting in Hunt Group routing now appears regardless of what routing type is selected (not just when One at a time is selected).

  • Users' voicemail PIN reset email now includes the extension number.

  • Devices now filter correctly on a specific site.

  • You can now add an international number in a user's Call Forwarding settings.

  • Auto attendant greeting file is now preserved when custom greeting is turned off.

  • Monitored Users section now includes spaces between a person's first and last name.

  • You can now save yearly recurrences of holidays in the Schedule Settings menu.

  • You can now save your Auto Attendant schedule in Firefox.

Control Hub

  • Partners can now create a Flex customer even if activation code onboarding is off.

Calling User Portal

  • Corrected the label for the Skype for Business version of the Webex Calling app (desktop) download link.

  • Improved translation in German.

  • Corrected issues with number display in Contacts and Speed Dials.

  • Enabled support for phone numbers in Malta national format.

For a list of issues that we're aware of and are currently working on, go here.

January 31, 2020

Version 22.8.3

We resolved these issues:

Calling Admin Portal

  • Changing username no longer creates duplicate account admins and null names in mail.

  • Hoteling feature no longer shows up for a station where it is not applicable.

  • Inefficient call flow doesn't result in timeout errors during activation code generation.

  • Help text for Barge-In feature has been updated.

  • Labeling improvements made for clarity and localization.

  • Some data elements returned for Call History and Analytics has been translated.

  • Description of Hunt Group is now correct.

  • WSP and WSP MA Ops accounts now display Advanced Services menu.

  • User Call Forward No Answer now has a "no ring" option.

Calling User Portal

  • Executive page now displays assistant last names.

  • "Rings" now correctly translates.

For a list of issues that we're aware of and are currently working on, go here.

We made these improvements:

We added the ability to easily and quickly transition a customer trial to a partner for conversion to a paid customer.

December 13, 2019

Version 22.8.2

We resolved these issues:

Calling Admin Portal

  • Titles are now aligned on the Numbers page.

  • Applied the correct style to error and success messages displayed here: Company Profile > Emergency Calling.

  • You can now add and remove numbers without issue from Users > User Assignments.

  • You can now monitor users in other sites.

  • Japanese translation can now include special characters in Caller ID.

  • Translation error for Licenses Remaining has been resolved.

  • Search for MAC address now allows colons.

For a list of issues that we're aware of and are currently working on, go here.

November 26, 2019

Version 22.8.1

We resolved these issues:

Calling Admin Portal

  • Edit Schedule dialog box under Advanced Services > Site Package Setting > Scheduling > Edit:

    • Exported CSV files are no longer empty.

    • Japanese translation errors have been resolved.

  • Auto Attendant schedule no longer incorrectly displays Closed.

  • You can now set the Auto-Attendant transfer option to an external number using E.164 or national number format (with zero prefix).

  • Adding paging target and originators from different locations no longer fails.

  • Adding a <tab> character in a location name no longer results in error.

  • Call Queue setting of Alert agent if call on hold for a set wait time no longer defaults to 30 when you enter a value between 30 and 300.

  • Customer User Not Found error in Personal Fax/VoiceMail settings no longer appears.

  • Analytics page no longer displays the wrong time format for a time frame.

  • The Call Center queue size limit has increased from 50 to 525.

  • Japanese translation in analysis of data extraction has been improved.

For a list of issues that we're aware of and are currently working on, go here.

Control Hub

  • Incorrect error messages are no longer appearing for customer locations.

  • Routing profile is now updated from the Calling Admin API successfully.

  • Mexico localization issues around State/Province/Region displaying duplicate values have been resolved.

November 7, 2019

Version 22.8

See https://status.broadsoft.com/ for specific regional deployment dates.

We resolved these issues:

Calling Admin Portal

  • Time zones are now showing correctly.

  • We've improved Japanese translation.

  • Call Analytics data is now available.

  • CSV directory issues have been corrected.

  • Hunt Group Configuration - Top Down Reorder Assignment

For a list of issues that we're aware of and are currently working on, go here.

Control Hub

  • Time zone for Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Macao is now available.

  • You can now delete a Cisco IP Phone Series device.

October 22, 2019

Versions 22.7.5

See https://status.broadsoft.com/ for specific regional deployment dates.

We resolved these issues:

Calling Admin Portal

  • You can now search for locations without worrying about case sensitivity.

  • Spanish and French translations have been improved.

  • You can now change the order of users being monitored when you use your Firefox web browser.

  • You're now able to add international numbers to call forwarding rules for New Zealand sites.

  • User/Assign Station use cases no longer trigger GroupModifyRequest every time.

For a list of issues that we're aware of and are currently working on, go here.

Control Hub

  • Time zone for Bosnia and Herzegovina is now available.

  • Headers in station inventory export are now showing up.

  • You can now recreate a Location after the original order in Control Hub was rejected.

  • You can now search for locations without worrying about case sensitivity.

Calling User Portal

  • You can now see My Apps when you open the Calling User Portal on your iPad.

  • We improved our error messages.

October 2, 2019

Versions: Maintenance patches through Release 22.7.4

We resolved these issues:

Calling Admin Portal

  • We corrected the headers in the station inventory export file.

  • Call Queue Stat Report no longer displays incorrect values for Calls Abandoned and Total Calls reports.

  • We corrected translations in the Reboot Device confirmation popup.

  • The Service Assurance report no longer displays a value of poor when no call data is available.

  • When you click Manage Services in Control Hub and you're cross-launched to the Calling Admin portal, intermittent errors are no longer displayed.

  • You're now able to add an extension in the Transfer to Operator option.

  • Removed the view of Barge In for basic users (this feature isn't part of a Basic license).

  • Personal Fax is now available when voicemail is turned off.

  • Analog Hotline can now be configured for Cisco ATAs 191 and 192.

For a list of issues that we're aware of and are currently working on, go here.

Calling User Portal

  • We've improved the error messages in Office Anywhere and Schedules.

  • We resolved issues you may have encountered when applying a schedule to user features.

  • Corrected search for Hoteling Host.

  • We corrected translation and localization issues for Japan and Mexico.

  • We improved the Help content for the Speed Dial feature.

  • We improved the wait message when the portal is experiencing a high volume.

  • When enabling or disabling Office Anywhere for a location, the setting is now saved.

August 16, 2019

Version: 22.7.0

See https://status.broadsoft.com/ for specific regional deployment dates.

  • Activation Code device onboarding (to be enabled late August)

  • Basic user license (see known issues)

  • Webex Calling Preferred Media Providers (PMP)

  • Multiple PSTN carriers per Enterprise for Service Provider partners

  • International / Multi-National Company system improvements

  • Line ID appearance enhancement – Connected Line Presentation

Market Expansion
  • Localization for Japan as a sell-in country

  • Localization for Mexico as a sell-in country

  • New Branch Office countries:

    • Hong Kong

    • South Korea

    • Taiwan

    • Turkey

    • Vietnam

Control Hub
  • Allow bulk input of 1000 telephone numbers for a customer

  • Enable bulk device upload with MAC address

  • Enterprise Dial plan support

Calling Admin Portal
  • Hyperlink to CSCAN network assessment tool

  • Update the CAP portal to link to per call data page of Service Assurance

  • Expand CAP Analytics search capability to query by single TN or range of TNS

Calling User Portal
  • Added control to restrict Connected Line ID appearance (COLR)

New Phone Models

We've actually supported these devices for a while now but you may not have known about them:

  • Cisco MPP 6821 Desk Phone

  • Cisco MPP DECT 6800 Series

July 11, 2019

Version: 22.6.6


There are no new features in this release.

We resolved these issues:

Calling Admin Portal

  • You're now able to assign more than one port to Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs) and DECT devices.

  • Auto Attendant now shows Transfer to Voicemail after you click Save.

  • ATAs are now selectable from the drop-down list when you assign a phone.

  • You can now use wildcards in the Call Forward Selective criteria.

  • Site admin now has access to the All Sites option.

  • We've improved translation to French and Spanish.

  • Call Queue now measures in seconds instead of rings.

  • We've fixed the inversion issue with Business Hours and After Hours in Auto Attendant.

  • We've resolved some performance issues you may have experienced when loading service assurance data for all of your locations.

  • We've resolved some performance issues you may have encountered when configuring Hunt Groups.

  • If you assign more than 10 phones, you can view all devices in the Devices drop-down list.

  • You can now see locations listed when you add a number.

For a list of issues that we're aware of and are currently working on, go here.

Control Hub

We've made these improvements:

  • Numbers and Manage Licenses pages present more management default lists with added search capability.

  • Call Features page show the location of interest.

  • We've addressed some performance issues you may have experienced when service inventory was loading.

Calling User Portal

  • We've addressed translation issues.

June 7, 2019

Version: 22.6.5

We resolved these issues:

Calling Admin Portal

  • We've fixed issues associated with forwarding calls to voicemail.

  • We've added a new option to Hunt Group configuration; you can now choose to have calls route to the next number in the list when a line is busy.

  • We allow 2-digit extensions for the overflow of Call Queue.

  • We increased the range for the number of rings before a call is sent to voicemail (2-20).

  • Editing an unconfigured Auto Attendant no longer fails.

  • Data no longer reloads when you press Esc to close a window.

For a list of issues that we're aware of and are currently working on, go here.

Control Hub

  • We've improved the response and process when you delete calling features and users.

  • We've increased the number of devices you can view in a table.

  • We've changed the design of the Locations page to a list view.

Calling User Portal

The mobile download link no longer brings users to the tablet client and we've eliminated the error that would display during installation.

May 28, 2019

Version: 22.6.4

We resolved these issues:

Calling Admin Portal

  • Calling Admin portal no longer returns a 500 error for timeouts on large queries or table loads.

  • Partners can now also be customers in the Calling Admin Portal.

For a list of issues that we're aware of and are currently working on, go here.

Control Hub

  • Locations that are disabled in the Calling Admin Portal are now showing the correct status in Control Hub.

  • When you change your address in the Calling Admin Portal, Control Hub automatically gets updated. You'll still have to inform your Service Provider of the change for emergency services purposes.

April 24, 2019

Version: 22.6.3


There are no new features in this release.

We resolved these issues:


  • You'd get a misleading error message when a non-client product ID was specified for client sharing.

  • Your transaction would time out on Updating Status.

Calling Admin Portal

  • User Assignments—You'd see an incorrect display of caller ID numbers.

  • There were missing French translations.

  • Error displayed in Numbers/Users List, no list results displayed.

  • You'd receive an error message when selecting certain Advanced Services.

For a list of issues that we're aware of and are currently working on, go here.

Calling User Portal

  • You can now set call forwarding to national numbers.

For a list of issues that we're aware of and are currently working on, go here.

Control Hub

  • We've added machine account support for entryphones API.

  • Support URL now set for VAT’s


  • We now support specific UK telephone numbers.

  • We've improved the provisioning error that was returned to Rialto Market to be more descriptive of the issue encountered.

  • MAC/TN assignment no longer fails due to rejected voice portal passcode.

  • Primary agent lookup no longer fails during order status callback.

  • Change order no longer sticks while waiting on Activation date.

  • Improved Disconnect Order: Phase 1

Device Configuration

  • Importing tags in DMS+ with the "REPLACE" behavior no longer creates duplicate tags.

User Experience Impacts
No user experience changes were introduced in this release.

Control Hub

  • The device status search by location is not available.

    Workaround: Create tags for devices based on location. Then search by tag using the search bar on the Devices page. For more information about creating tags for devices, see Group Devices with Tags

  • Webex Calling service providers are no longer able to add or manage third-party devices that aren't on the Support Devices for Webex Calling list.

  • If you are adding a workspace and want to assign it to an ATA that already has the first line port assigned to another user or workspace, you will not be able to enter that ATA’s MAC address.

    Workaround: Add the new workspace, assign a phone (you can use a ficticious MAC address), and unassign the device from the workspace. Then select the Configure Port button to edit the ATA and add the workspace. A workspace assigned as an additional line port on an ATA will not display a device in the workspaces table. When viewing that workspace, the ATA will appear under Devices.

  • Devices that are assigned to a location other than the default country location don’t show their status on the Devices page.

  • You can't use Automatic License Assignment templates to assign Webex Calling licenses to users.

  • Only users assigned a Full Administrator role (partner or customer) can delete locations.

  • When you update a user's first name or last name in Control Hub, the update isn't made in the corresponding Caller ID fields. The workaround is to change the user name in CH then update Caller ID First Name and/or Last Name in CAP

    Workaround: Change the user's name in Control Hub and then update the Caller ID First Name and Last Name in the Calling Admin portal.

  • When you create a location and assign a number that's already in use, the location still gets created but shows as unconfigured in Control Hub.

  • You can start assigning basic licenses to users and places as part of a trial as soon as you complete the upgrade, however you can’t purchase these licenses until the SKUs are available from Cisco Commerce Workspace at the end of August.

    If you’re converting a trial to an Enterprise Agreement subscription, you must delete your Basic users from Control Hub and re-add them as Enterprise users. We're working on making this process easier for you by allowing you to upgrade your trial users from Basic to Enterprise before you convert a trial to a paid subscription.

  • You can only add one phone number to multiport devices such as IP phones, Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs), or DECT phones using the Places entitlement. If you want to add more than one number to these devices, you can create a user in Control Hub without assigning a device or you can access the Calling Admin Portal from Control Hub, edit the user, and then assign the device.

  • You can enter special characters in the First Name and Last Name fields for the Caller ID feature in Control Hub but those characters are normalized and removed from the phone display screen when that user makes a call.

  • When you choose Webex Calling as the Calling Behavior for your organization or a specific user, external calls made from Webex version 4.x on mobile devices do not open the Webex Calling app, as expected.

  • Don’t use zero as the access code for Webex Calling. Zero overlaps with national and international dialing prefixes. Calls made with the Webex Calling application or Webex Calling devices will fail if zero is used as the access code.

Known Issues for Emergency Callback Number:

  • In Control Hub, you have the option to deactivate a user or workspace. However, the deactivation feature is not currently functioning. When deactivating a user or workspace, if that user or workspace is actively being used as the Emergency Callback Number (ECBN), a message appears warning the administrator. Currently, this warning can be ignored since the deactivation does not actually occur.

  • When Assigned Number from User’s Location is selected, the Emergency Callback Number (ECBN) selects a fallback destination. The displayed name and number in the drop-down is the effective user. It is not the originally configured user. This limitation is cosmetic, but misleading, and will be resolved.

Known Issues for Webex Calling Analytics:

  • Analytics won’t show usage from Webex Calling App mobile users. This will be fixed when Webex Calling App version 3.9.14 is released.

  • Analog telephone adaptors (ATAs) and DECT devices aren’t supported.

  • Devices that register via IPv6 or a VPN termination to Webex Calling are also unsupported.

Local Gateway Configuration

  • The Fax-to-Email feature in Webex Calling requires the T.38 protocol when used via local gateway (CUBE) for instance FAX to Personal Fax number > PSTN > CUBE > Webex Calling SBC > EMAIL. In this case, the media transmission won't be encrypted. Therefore, enable the T.38 protocol at your own discretion.

Webex Calling Devices

  • ATA 191/192 - When attempting a remote firmware upgrade, as part of the on-boarding process, for Cisco ATA 191/192 devices, you may experience a problem if the firmware load on the ATA is an older version. In order to resolve the issue, follow the instructions below to manually upgrade the firmware on your Cisco ATA 191/192.

    • Workaround: Go to Administration > Firmware Upgrade. Unzip the file. Select the unzipped file to upgrade it. The firmware is downloaded from here. After firmware is downloaded, point the ATA back to https://cisco.sipflash.com/.

  • Your MPP device cannot access any Active Directory (AD) that was synchronized by Cisco Directory Connector. From the Custom Directory menu, your MPP phone can only access users that were assigned Webex Calling licenses.

Webex Calling App

  • Your Webex Calling app doesn't have access to Active Directory (AD) for AD synchronization. So, you only have access to other Webex Calling users in your directory (users assigned Webex Calling licenses).

  • If your administrator has set up Webex Calling as your calling application, then your presence won’t change in the Webex app to indicate you are on the phone if you are using the Webex Calling app to make a call.

Changing Your Email with idbroker.webex.com

Webex Calling users can't change their email address on their own. Idbroker.webex.com doesn't support Webex Calling. If a Webex Calling user tries to change their email address with idbroker.webex.com, this will cause a synchronization issue.

All other issues are currently related to the Calling Admin and User portals. For a list of these issues, see Cloud Calling Known Issues.