You can configure new proxies that the Unified CM nodes can use to connect to the internet.


Log in to the Unified CM or IM&P node using the admin CLI.


Check the proxy list using the following CLI command:

admin:utils ucmgmt proxy list


Add a new proxy.

For example, utils ucmgmt proxy add

The following is a sample output.

Successfully contacted controller.
"serviceName" : "HCSAC",
"serviceType" : "REQUIRED",
"serviceState" : "online",
"message" : "Healthy",
"lastUpdated" : "2020-08-04T15:34:52.931Z",
"upstreamServices" : [

{ "serviceName" : "RDS", "serviceType" : "REQUIRED", "serviceState" : "online", "message" : "Healthy", "lastUpdated" : "2020-08-04T15:34:45.476Z", "upstreamServices" : [ ] }

Disable the telemetry service on each node. For more information, see Start and Stop the Telemetry Service section in Set Up Cisco Webex Cloud-Connected UC for On-Premises Devices.


Check if http://<host>:<port> is added to the proxy list.

admin:utils ucmgmt proxy list


After you have completed the above steps, restart the service on the Control Hub so that the telemetry module picks up the new proxy information.