The following procedure applies to Webex sites that you manage using Control Hub.


New Webex accounts include a full year of unlimited recording storage. Recordings older than 360 days are permanently deleted by the system by default. If you don’t want this to happen, we recommend upgrading to the Pro Pack license which allows you to retain your organization’s data for more than 360 days and up to 3600 days. For more information see our data retention article.

We recommend that you set your retention policy to keep storage below the cap for your site. Monitor your site requirements and purchase more storage if required.

When users delete their recordings, the system moves them to the trash. For up to 30 days, you can restore deleted recordings from the trash. After 30 days, the system permanently deletes the recordings.


From the customer view in, go to Services > Meeting.


On the Sites tab, select a Webex site, and then click Settings.


Under Common Settings, select Site Options.


Scroll to the Video and recordings section and toggle on Turn on daily auto-deletion for all recordings past assigned retention days.


To adjust the recording retention days, go to Organization Settings > Retention, and select Settings under Webex Meetings Retention policy.


Enter the number of days a host can access their recordings in the Custom retention time between 7 and 3600 days field.

Default: 360 days

Range: 7-3600 days


Click Save.