You must install theMeetingsapp for yourself, even if it has already been added to your team. The app includes theWebex Meetingsbot. When you install the app and bot for yourself and set your defaultWebex-webbplats, you'll be able to use the Webex Meetings messaging extension to share a link to a Webex meeting.


SymbolenMeetingsapp will update automatically when new updates are available. You won't have to update theMeetingsapp that you install for yourself.


Select More added appsMore added apps on the left side of Microsoft Teams, and then select More apps.

Left navigation bar

Search for theWebex Meetingsapp, select the app, and select Add.


In the private chat with theMeetingsbot that appears, set the defaultWebex-webbplatsto use with theMeetingsmessaging extension. Typ site [. DinWebex-webbplatsURL is usually in the format


If a team Webex site has been set that's different than your defaultWebex-webbplats, the teamWebex-webbplatswill be used when you use the messaging extension in that team.


If you want to pin theMeetingsmessaging extension to the messaging extensions bar:

  1. Select Messaging extensionsMessaging extensions.

    Messaging extensions bar
  2. Right-click theMeetingsapp and select Pin.

A team owner or team member must add theMeetingsapp for a team. The app only needs to be added once for each team.


I Microsoft Teams, gå till Team.


Next to the team name, select More > Manage team > Apps


Tap More apps, search for theMeetingsapp and select it.


Select Add to a team from the drop-down menu and then click Add.

Add to a team highlighted in drop-down menu

SymbolenMeetingsapp contains theMeetingsbot. SymbolenMeetingsbot provides the commands that you use to set up and shareWebexmeeting links.


If you're using Microsoft 365 and you don't see theMeetingsapp in the store, contact your Microsoft 365 Global Administrator.


Följ anvisningarna på skärmen för att uppdatera appen.

Webex Meetings

Nästa steg

Verify that theWebex-webbplatsthat your team will use for meetings is set. For more information, see Set up Microsoft Teams to useMeetings.

In Microsoft Teams, select Add a tabAdd a tab at the top of the channel.


Search for and select theMeetingsapp.

If you don't get any search results, make sure that you have version 2.0 or later of theMeetingsapp. For more information, see Add or update theMeetingsapp for a team.


Follow the on-screen instructions and, if prompted, accept the requested permissions.


Symbolen Meetingsapp may have already set theWebex-webbplatsthat your team will use for meetings. To check whether the site has been set, in any Microsoft Teams channel in which theMeetingsbot has been added, type @Webex Meetings site.


Om meddelandet Webex-webbplatshasn't been set or if you want to set a differentWebex-webbplatsas the team site, type @Webex Meetings site [. Din Webex-webbplatsURL is usually in the format

Remember that when you change theWebex-webbplats, it changes for all members of that team.

Det är allt. You and your team members can now use @Webex Meetings commands to easily invite others to a Webexmötet. Users can type @Webex Meetings to share a Join button and show the meeting link for yourWebexPersonal Room meeting or type @Webex Meetings [ to share a Join button and show a meeting link for a scheduledWebexmeeting with the specified meeting number.


If you have a different Webex-webbplatsthat you want to use for sharing a meeting URL, go to a private chat with theMeetingsapp and type site [ to set the Webex-webbplatsURL for your defaultWebex-webbplats.

Other members of the team continue to use the team site unless they also set their defaultWebex-webbplatsURL.