Unable to Log in to My Account in Site Administration

Unable to log in to my account in site administration.

How do I get login help for my site admin account?

Users are unable to sign in on site admin page.

I forget my password for logging in to site admin.

I forgot my site administration username.

What is the Site Administration URL?

Note: This article applies to Webex Sites that do not use Single Sign-on (SSO).

Webex Business Suite (WBS) 33.x and newer sites

Streamlined username/password recovery

Admins who have forgotten their username and/or their password are now directed to a separate page which guides them through the process of recovering their information.

To reset your username and/or password on :

  1. Go to your Webex site admin page. (Example: SITENAME.Webex.com/admin.php)
  2. Click Forgot your username or password?:
User-added image
The 'Forgot username or password?' window appears.
  1. If required, enter the CAPTCHA into the field.
  2. Click Submit or OK.
  3. Check your email for a 'Your Webex account information request' message.
  4. Follow the instructions in the email to view your username and reset your password.


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