If you have partner access, you can use the Cisco HCS Upgrade service in Cisco Webex Control Hub. Use the Upgrade service to upgrade software versions, install COP files, and reboot and switch versions of the Unified Communications (UC) applications that HCS uses.

This service provides a consolidated view of the clusters and component nodes to upgrade. You can upgrade all clusters and nodes from a single site, and you can upgrade one or more clusters at the same time.

You must sign in to Cisco Webex Control Hub with partner access.

After you sign in to Cisco Webex Control Hub, verify that you see the Services option. If not, a toggle allows you to continue to set up and use the HCS Upgrade service.

You must login with your Cisco.com credentials to access all Cisco HCS related document because the HCS Upgrade service is limited to HCS partners. See the HCS Upgrade Service User Guide for details.