Choosing the camera mode Frames enhances the view sent from your meeting room. Frames mode crops away uneccessary space around participants and composes a view where the people appear closer together, evenly sized and at the same eye level, in up to four frames. People who are sitting close together will be grouped in frames to keep the feeling of continuity in the room.

To enable Frames:

  1. Open the Control Panel on your Board or Touch controller. Tap Camera.

  2. Under Camera mode, select Frames.

If there are more than four people in the room they'll be grouped into frames, or switched to a Group view that shows everyone present.

The table here shows you the different ways in which up to 7 or more people will appear on screen when Frames mode is in use. In each row, the upper illustration shows how people are positioned in the room, and the lower illustration shows how the camera groups them together in Frames mode.

1 person

2 people

3 people

4 people

5 people

6 people

7 people

Support for more group-framing scenarios will come in future releases.