Webex sites now support FIPS validated cryptography for end-to-end encrypted meeting mode. Organizations that need FIPS certified cryptography must use end-to-end encrypted meetings, or use the meetings provided Webex FedRAMP authorized service.

Following is required to ensure FIPS validated cryptography:

  • Minimum Webex version WBS32.12

  • The customer must ask Cisco Webex technical support to set FIPS Mode on the customer’s Webex site. Turning on FIPS on the Webex site enforces FIPS mode on FIPS validated encryption modules in Webex meeting applications. The details of this validation are available here: Cisco FIPS Object Module .

  • Meetings must be configured to use end-to-end encryption in order to leverage Cisco’s FIPS validated modules, not the default configuration. Read this and see Enable End-to-End Encryption Using End-to-End Encryption Session Types for more details on end-to-end encryption and its limitations.

  • The host's Windows platform must be set to use FIPS mode, otherwise following products will not use FIPS validated cryptography:

    • Webex Productivity Tools for Windows

    • WebACD

    • Webex Support

    • Access Anywhere