Troubleshooting Guide for Echo in a Conference

Troubleshooting guide for echo in a conference.

To fix an echo in a Webex audio conference.


Causes of an echo:
Echo is generally caused by the received audio from a participant being picked up by the microphone of that same participant or another device or participant in that same room.

To minimize echo in a conference:

  • Mute all lines in the conference, then unmute only those participants that need to speak.
To identify the source of echo:
  • Mute all participants in the conference.
  • Unmute each participant, one at a time; then talk and listen if any echo from that location.
  • Once the echo source is found, apply the corrective suggestions below.
To correct an echo problem – recommendations apply to any device type:
  • Try lowering the audio output level from your speakers.
  • Try playing the audio from the conference through your headset earphones rather than through desktop speakers. For best results, high-quality headphones with integrated microphones are recommended. Set the audio output at a reasonable level.
  • Try moving your microphone or headset further away from your speakers.
  • Within a room, it is recommended that the microphone/s and speaker/s of one device be used. In that room, mute all other microphone and speaker elements from co-located devices such as laptops that joined that same meeting.
  • If within the room there is a strong background noise either from an audio masking noise generator or from say, a fan, please proceed as follows. For the audio masking noise generator, please reduce its level output. For say a fan, as possible please move the microphone to a more distant location from that noise source.

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