To connect to a meeting from a video system or application, you must dial a video address. Some devices cannot dial a full video address, such as or To solve this problem, your administrator can set up a pilot number for your entire organization—a simple, numeric number that replaces full video addresses.

If you have a VCS or Expressway-based setup, the license bypass feature is not invoked. Your administrator must make sure there are sufficient licenses for all users at your site.

All information you need for starting or joining a Webex meeting can be found in the email invitation for the meeting, on the meeting information page, or on your Personal Room page.


Start your video system or application.


Dial the pilot number.


Enter the meeting number when prompted.


Enter the numeric meeting password if prompted.


The numeric meeting password is only needed for Webex meetings not Personal Room meetings.


When prompted do the following:

  • If you are the host, enter the host key or host PIN, as appropriate, followed by the pound sign # to start the meeting.

  • If you are not the host, enter the pound sign # to join the meeting.