Figure 1. Webex Desk Camera
the graphic of Webex Desk Camera (Carbon black and Platinum)

The Webex Desk Camera is a USB web camera for video conferencing, video streaming, and video recording. The camera provides up to 4K Ultra HD video and high-definition audio.

With multiple options for resolution and frame rate, the camera meets the use cases with Webex App, Webex Meetings, Cisco Jabber, and all popular third-party video conferencing and video streaming apps. The autofocus, face detection, and 10x digital zoom enhance your video experience for meeting and video streaming.

The camera has a privacy shutter. You can use it to turn off the video stream and block the camera lens when the device isn't in use.

The camera has two Omni Directional Microphones with noise-canceling features, providing audio input for calls, meetings, and recordings.

The camera supports Windows Hello for secure login to your system.

The adjustable clip with a tripod screw thread offers mounting flexibility on a laptop, an external display, a tripod, or a desk stand in various open office spaces, huddle rooms, and home offices. The two USB cables shipped with the camera allow easy connection to computers or devices with fully functional USB-A or USB-C ports.

The Webex Desk Camera app works with the camera and allows you to record videos, take snapshots, customize the camera settings, and upgrade the firmware.

For more technical specifications, see Webex Desk Camera Data Sheet.

The figures below show the front, back, and bottom of the camera. Use this information to familiarize yourself with the camera before you use it.

Figure 2. Webex Desk Camera front view
the camera front view
Table 1. Hardware Components on the Front



1. RGB camera

Supports video stream and static snapshots.

2. LED indicator

Indicates the camera status:

  • Solid green for 1.5 seconds: camera is booting.

  • Solid green: RGB camera is in use.

  • Off: RGB camera is in standby mode or the shutter is closed.

3. IR camera

Supports Windows Hello via the IR sensor.


Indicates the IR camera status:

  • Flash red: The IR camera is in use by Windows Hello.

  • Off: The IR camera is not in sue.

5. Microphones

The audio input channel of the camera.

6. Shutter

Turns the video stream on or off and blocks the camera lens when closed to protect privacy.

Figure 3. Webex Desk Camera back view
the camera back view
Table 2. Hardware Components at the Back



7. USB-C port

The USB cable plugs into this port to connect the camera to a computer.

8. Camera base and clip

Supports multiple mounting options on flat surfaces or on top of displays. The adjustable hinge provides flexible angles.

Figure 4. Webex Desk Camera bottom view
the camera bottom view
Table 3. Hardware Component at Bottom



9. Tripod screw thread

Use the 1/4"-20 screw thread to mount the camera to a tripod.