Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows users who have special needs or who are power users can navigate around the session window using keyboard shortcuts. Some of these shortcuts are standard in the Windows environment.




Switch between the content area and the panels area


  • Switch between panels

  • Switch between tabs in the Invite and Remind window

  • Switch between the Quick Start, Session Info, and shared file tabs


  • Use right-click menus in the:

    • Participants panel

    • Chat panel

    • Notes panel

    • Closed Captions panel

    • File Transfer window

    • Shared file and Whiteboard tabs

  • Work with the participant list

  • Copy text from the Chat panel


Switch between elements, such as buttons, fields, and check boxes, within a dialog or panel

Down Arrow

Cycle through more actions in the:

  • Emoticons

  • Feedback Results

  • Thumbnails view

Left Arrow and Right Arrow

  • Switch between tabs in the Training Session Options dialog box

  • Switch between the Quick Start, Session Info, and shared file tabs

  • Switch between the Polling and Q&A tabs


Close any dialog box


  • Check or uncheck an option box

  • Enter text in an input box


Carry out the command for the active button (usually replaces a mouse click)


Select text from the Chat panel


Show the session controls when sharing content


When sharing, hide the Webex Training session window


Zoom in when sharing content


Zoom out when sharing content


Share an application


Share your screen


Share a whiteboard


Share a file or video


Assign privileges to participants


Mute or unmute your audio


Browse to open and share a file


Rotate the page left while sharing a file


Rotate the page right while sharing a file


Adjust the page size to fit the viewer while sharing


Synchronize the display of a shared page, slide, or whiteboard in all the participant screens with your own screen


Close a shared file or whiteboard


Redo the last action


Undo the last action


Cancel an action or close an active window, menu, panel, or notification in full-screen sharing mode


Not all dialogs support the Esc shortcut.


Access Cisco Webex Training Help

Page Down

When sharing a file, advance to the next slide

Page Up

When sharing a file, return to the previous slide


In the NBR recording panel, the Pause and Stop buttons can't be operated by the keyboard, and must be controlled by the mouse.

Work with the Participant List

The Participants panel provides a right-click menu that allows you to act upon a participant depending on your role in the meeting.

If you are the host or presenter, you can perform actions such as making someone else the presenter or muting another participant's microphone if it is too noisy.

If you are not the host or presenter, you can perform actions such as asking to become the presenter or muting your own microphone.


Press F6 on your keyboard to navigate from the contents area to the Participants panel.


Use the Up and Down keys to navigate to the appropriate participant.


Select Shift+F10 to open the right-click menu on a specific participant.


Use the Up and Down arrow keys to navigate between the available options.

Copy Text from the Chat Panel

The Chat panel provides a right-click menu that allows you to copy text from the chat history area.


Make sure that you are in the correct portion of the Session window by doing the following:

  • Press F6 to move from the contents area to the panels area of the Session window.

  • Press Ctrl+Tab to navigate between panels until you are in the Chat panel.

  • Press Tab until you are in the chat history area.


With the focus on the chat history area, select Shift+F10 to open the right-click menu.


To select a portion of the text, move your cursor with the arrow keys and then use Shift-[Arrow] to highlight text.

Alternatively, use Ctrl+A to select all the chat text.

Enter Text in an Input Box

Want to enter text in an input box? Here is how you would answer questions in a poll.


Navigate between questions using the Tab key.


Move between answers using the Up and Down Arrow keys.


Move the cursor to focus on the text input area and use the Spacebar or Enter key so you can type your answer.


Select Enter or Esc to finish editing.

Access the Session Controls Panel During Sharing

During sharing the Session Controls Panel is partially hidden at the top of your screen:


Enter Ctrl+Alt+Shift to show the panel.

After the panel is displayed, the initial focus is on the Participants icon.


Do the following:

  1. Use Tab to change focus

  2. Use Enter to activate a feature

  3. To return to the sharing area from the Session Controls Panel, select the Alt+Tab keys as you would in any Windows application to switch between items:

    • If you are sharing a file, select the Webex ball to return to the sharing area.

    • If you are sharing an application, select the application to return focus to it.

    • If you are sharing your desktop, select the application you want to share.

    • To switch from the Session Controls Panel to another open panel, such as the participant list, enter F6.

Screen Reader Support

Webex Training application is tested to work with the latest version of the Freedom Scientific JAWS screen reader.

  • All the keyboard shortcuts listed in the Keyboard Navigation section work with screen readers.

  • Screen readers are unable to read content from shared presentations, shared applications, and shared desktops.

Low Vision Support

Webex Training has limited support for low vision accessibility features.

  • The application supports the high contrast scheme of the Windows OS.

  • The application supports the zoom functionality of the OS.