You can only see your out of office status in Webex App:

  • When you set your automatic replies for out of office in Microsoft Outlook or your out of office or vacation reply in Google Calendar, see Out of office or vacation reply for Gmail for more information.

    This isn't the same as choosing Out of Office when you schedule an appointment or meeting.

  • When your calendar is integrated with Webex App

If you're unsure about your setup, contact your administrator for help.

Go to Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar to set your automatic replies.

Your status in Webex App automatically updates within 20 minutes, and your profile picture displays like this: .

People in your organization will see your status:

  • When they @mention you.

  • When they see your name in the space list.

  • Under your name when they message you directly.

  • When they see your name in a space's People list.

  • In the results list when they search for your name.