Remove Cisco Webex CA Root Certificates from the Expressway-C Connector Host

While you were registering the Expressway-C hybrid connector host with Cisco Webex, you may have allowed the cloud to add the CA root certificates for you. If you change your mind and prefer to add them yourself, that's possible.

Follow these steps if you don't want your CA root certificates managed through the Cisco Webex cloud.

    1 From Expressway-C, go to Applications > Hybrid Services > Connector Management, and then choose Cisco Webex certificate management.
    2 Click Remove certificates.

    If you change your mind, you can readd the Cisco Webex CA root certificates from the same management window.

    What to Do Next

    After you remove the cloud-managed certificates, you can manage them yourself. To do so, from Expressway navigate to Maintenance > Security certificates > Trusted CA certificates and follow the guidance in the Expressway online help.

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