When you enable simultaneous interpretation, you can also manage which languages are available to hosts when they schedule meetings, webinars and start Personal Room meetings. If you don't see a language that you need in the current list, you can add it.

Before you begin

Contact your Cisco account team to enable simultaneous interpretation for your organization.

Log in to Control Hub, then go to Management > Organization Settings.


Scroll to Simultaneous interpretation and toggle on Allow simultaneous interpretation.


Toggling simultaneous interpretation on enables it for every Webex site in your organization. If you only want certain sites in your organization to have it, contact your CSM or Cisco Account Team.


(Optional) To add languages, click Add and enter the languages you want to include.

You can add Other as a language to allow hosts to choose this option when a language doesn't appear in the list. If you have enabled simultaneous interpretation before Webex version 42.9, you must add this manually.