Final release of Productivity Tools

The June (42.6) release was the last release for Productivity Tools. Microsoft Outlook customers who wish to schedule Webex meetings from Microsoft Outlook should move to the Webex Scheduler add-in.

See the Known Issues and Limitations for the Webex Meetings Desktop Application (WBS39.10 and Later) for more info on the desktop app.


Users that migrate to the Webex app will no longer see the Meet Now button in Productivity Tools

Windows and Mac

Can't edit migrated meetings scheduled with Webex Productivity Tools

After installing the Microsoft Office 365 add-in, users may see two Webex icons in their Microsoft Outlook window. The icon in the Webex section uses Productivity Tools, and the icon in the Cisco Webex section uses the Webex Scheduler.

If a user signs in to the Webex Scheduler, meetings scheduled with Productivity Tools are migrated so that the Webex Scheduler can edit them. However, users can't edit Webex meeting options such as the alternate host, join before host time, or audio type with Productivity Tools or the Webex Scheduler. The meeting start time, topic, and invitees can still be edited. As a workaround, we recommend scheduling meetings with the Webex Scheduler until this issue is resolved in a future update.


If a user scheduled a meeting on a host’s behalf using Productivity Tools, the meeting will be migrated into the host’s calendar, even if they do not install or sign in to Webex Scheduler. The scheduler or host will only be able to edit the meeting time, topic, and invitees using the Webex Scheduler or Productivity Tools.

No images can be added inline in the email body of a Webex meeting invitation

When scheduling a meeting using the Webex Outlook integration and the user tries to add an image in the email body of the invitation, the recipients can't see the attached image as they receive a blank box with the message:

"The linked image cannot be displayed. The file may have been moved, renamed, or deleted. Verify that the link points to the correct file and location".

The issue occurs when scheduling a meeting from the Outlook integration in Windows and Mac.

Can't preassign participants to breakout sessions with Webex Productivity Tools

Although you can enable breakout sessions when you schedule a meeting using Webex Productivity Tools, you can't preassign participants to those breakout sessions. If you want to preassign participants to breakout sessions, schedule your meeting from your Webex site.


For the Webex Productivity Tools integration with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, the buttons (Share This File > Share to Meeting) for files stored within Microsoft OneDrive or SharePoint isn’t supported. Sharing of files within meetings (Share Content > Share File) from OneDrive and SharePoint is supported.


Microsoft Outlook interface updates

In Microsoft Outlook for Mac, version 16.32, there are two UI interfaces. Users can enable or disable the new interface in the top right corner of the app window.

When New Outlook is enabled, Productivity Tools doesn't work as the Webex icon doesn't appear in the toolbar. The Microsoft Office 365 add-in also doesn’t work with this setting enabled. We recommend either not upgrading to the latest version of Microsoft Outlook for Mac, or keeping New Outlook disabled.

Apple M1 Hardware for Productivity Tools isn’t showing in Outlook

Outlook for Mac version 16.44 (20121301) doesn't support the injected plugin (PTools) on Apple M1 silicon machine. However, Intel machines still work.